Twitter, a former chief scientist new: use emoticons to record life

I’m not sure why I use the application of this paragraph is called Steven, right, is called Steven, just like a boy’s name. The application honestly, a little silly, it provides the use emoticons and record your site activities, add photos, plus the check posts and respond to other friends. Of course, all these activities are implemented by using the emoji animation expression.

why do I use? Then again, why not?

this app seems to have not as trivial as it seems, although there are a lot of similar applications, but Steven is using a cute emoticons!

by recording the daily user’s whereabouts, Steven through a way of “scary” gradually established a information database, the database may have many USES in the future. From the perspective of individual users, it allows you to review the past trends in some of his own behavior. For example, if you really like what you said often go to the gym? You can stay in the office for my life? And so on.

developers said that the application at the same time there is also another basic elements, that is “environmental consciousness”. To put it bluntly, it is a kind of environmental awareness. Even your friend didn’t check in on Facebook or other applications or statement, you can also know what they are doing.

Pushd: Steven the company behind

Abdur Chowdhury is Steven developers, in 2008, he has sold his company to Twitter, becoming the chief scientist of Twitter. Created Pushd company a few years ago he has been away from Twitter, like Betaworks, Pushd got millions of seeds from the angel investment funds.

although Pushd earlier is also developing some application, but not public offerings.

chowdhury explains: “we lost from Twitter is interest in friends, to really understand what they are doing. Twitter is like a huge news channel, you can see are in their lives, but you’ll never speak to the relatives and friends in-depth.”

in the past year and a half, before the former Summize and Twitter engineers to form a team developed a lot of projects, and then abandoned them all. Often involve applications including social, including a sign in application, one can track the location of the user had to play with friends, another allows users to edit the story and share it via Facebook applications on mobile phones, there is also a can create content and as time bottle sent to a friend’s application in the future.

by accident, a through use emoticons Emoji game to describe what they did all day, let developers create inspiration so as to develop the Steven. Although the game finally also no issue.

by the way, in fact, Steven is a developer of his girlfriend’s name of the cat. They just kidding from the beginning the application name is Steven. Says Chowdhury, but then the development team is really in love with this name, because Steven isn’t that sound like a web application.

“the names of the applications are very boring, give it a name of the cat looks fine. Oh, this is a bad answer for you?” He said with a smile.

how to use the

use this application, you only need to download and install, open automatically after operation. Steve will automatically help you locate, and recommend a suitable for your emoji do record. If you’re shopping, maybe you will get a credit card emoji. Or you are in a coffee shop, then use a coffee cup emoji. In the work? Computer emoji may appear. If in the home, a house emoji is appropriate.

use after a period of time, this app is able to automatically identify your commonly used address, such as work or at home, when it does not determine your position, will ask through push notification.

sometimes you don’t want to actively published state, you can add photos, browse friends published photos and emoji expression, as well as emoji before deleting, or brief comments.

Chowdhury said, in the testing phase, Steven about half of the users of the main is to use “life record” function, while the other half will use more social functions, such as pictures, comments and reply.

the development team is looking at the user’s habits now, if two features are used to produce the user viscosity, which brought a larger customer base.

it is hard to understand why I have a period of time I always with Steven, and it also did not give me any important information or feedback, during the testing phase, of course, my good friend list is short. But actually choose emoticons to assert their dribs and drabs of life is also quite good fun. In fact this is not like other expressions of social networking that doesn’t make sense, because you can use it to send simple messages, or to see what you have been to place, and applies it to the photo sharing.

I found that Steven is getting smarter, it will study your habits, but also can predict, related Suggestions are given, or when a stray from your daily behavior alerts. But sometimes I can see the trend of the app is easy to premature aging, especially when I see my friend list is old friends forever.

Source: TC

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