Tutu Pan Lingzhi: 10 days 100 million valuation is not a bubble?

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he looks more like a simple farmers, also meet than imagined before the old guy at the beginning of the 70 young, my first impression of him. Images are social applications (), the founder of Pan Lingzhi, much like silicon valley in the 80 s) geek, and the image after the popular 90 entrepreneurs.

to entrepreneurs, product users rapid growth is more important than anything, the newborn products more than 10 days, it presents a number of performance or slightly surprising, Pan Lingzhi tell hunting cloud network:

10 days; 300000 users, 80000 photos uploaded every day, on average, a photograph is sent every second; A day, 250000 comments, the article 400000 thumb up interaction, product launch into apple social free list before 30 day; 34 millet markets. CA venture led nearly thousands of yuan angel rounds (seed for the dedicated), the valuation of 100 million yuan;

according to Pan Lingzhi to cloud network hunting, 300000 users be explosive growth curve, although didn’t get the recommended app channels and spend a penny on the promotion, brush list, of course, also won’t go to the apple store, but the user growth is like facebook, users spread by word of mouth, high product quality, more natural user. Pan Lingzhi: turning a whole day to live in his opinion be awesome. Especially in the weekend, there will be obvious peak by the user. that help students have a holiday, poking fun at particularly high desire.

but then again, the value of 100 million RMB for a 10 day products still think it is a little bit high.

ask Pan Lingzhi hunting cloud network: now what do you think of the capital market is a bubble?

the Pan Lingzhi given:

pan: investors is to look at the team, the product, look at the data to the valuation, throughout the past successful do big social products, can achieve the data showing the initial I don’t know who, I hear that message on the safety line 30 days to 120000 registered users, we have 120000 users with 30 hours. Now valuations are not representative of the later, the value of the valuation is not our own, investors have their own evaluation, we have to consider is how to make a perfect product, how to meet user needs. Ready to let users like products, the company promoted natural value, investor returns is the result of nature. For a high valuation, I hold no vanity heart.”

cloud network hunting: more than 10 days more than 30 users, uncle after “70” are you excited?

pan: I take pride in our team, they do well. As for me, the PC era was done several days millions of active users, PV tens, hundreds of millions of websites, so I’m very calm, turning a blind eye to it. My team and I are good at do from 0 to 10.

cloud network hunting: from 0 to 10 is what mean?

pan: I used to own called from 0 to 1, is refers to the business, a thing from 0 to 1 one thing to do a certain scale, site index is do user level. Then do a product of my friends said, he gave the things defined as from 0 to 10, and I also called so.

cloud network: hunting that 10 to 100?

pan: 0 after it, I think need capital intervention and more talented people and the pursuit of higher goals, I never do this before, this time to try.

cloud network hunting: turning a state now, someone is copying or imitation?

pan: if success can be copied, that you are competitive enough , may be product competitiveness is not enough, or team competitiveness is not enough, in short, where there is a problem. Product of epidermal all anyone can see very clear, domestic products, are also draw lessons from the United States, Taiwan, South Korea product shape and design, etc., but the kernel is need you want to, do in-depth himself. Many entrepreneurs or product manager just stay pretty cool UI, easy to use interactive was already being praised the good product, it is not enough. I, for example, to display the contents of the list, for example, the product has the content list, such as call “new”, the “hottest”, we used to be a top and a product on voting mechanism, we used an algorithm, to show you a formula:

this is a mathematical formula of the algorithm.

new algorithm after launch, content quality, traffic immediately increased by 10% compared to the PV. 10% is what concept, our web site the total pv 50 million at that time, 10% is 5 million, the amount of ascension has been more than the amount of many websites.

cloud network: hunting formula scare me, it’s geek and sound of god.

pan: in fact, these is not god, our engineers the algorithm in PHP code can get this done in three lines. Algorithm and there are many more advanced and complicated, our team in this regard have accumulated a lot of, also have a higher pursuit.

hunting cloud network: it sounds like you team is very confident to you?

pan: turning a products, technical team members is very good, young and experienced as a whole. Mobile front-end developer, 08 began to enter the mobile, head of our website PV, before the server hundreds of units, the background, head of technology made the large traffic complex technical architecture, many of them are from the company’s core technology such as baidu, sina and leader, technical ability, the ability to think independently, and make progress.

cloud network hunting: look at your micro letter online friends said the first two weekends “ali cloud server is down?

pan: actually you misread the information, have a friend also send information ask: cloud can also goes down? I said, after all, it is a machine. But it is not the whole ali cloud outage, we haven’t so big energy. Because turning a user is growing fast, high activity, causing us to buy part of the server load is overweight, Tutu access is blocked. For this, ali cloud engineers pay special attention to, for us to set up special team, to turning a very good support alone, after several optimization, already very stable. Here to ali engineers like a cloud.

cloud network hunting: turning a team how many people?

pan: there are about 30 people, is my new six months ago.

cloud network hunting: afraid of giant?

pan: respect their achievements but not afraid.

cloud network hunting: how to understand this sentence?

: pan said the story of two old potna. 2000 years later, the Internet bubble, there are 2 people are experiencing difficult times: a wanted to sell the development of chat software, but on the market in a hurry financing also can’t melt; There’s a shares fell $0.53 to not be sold off the company. They all stick a success today. The successful ability and hard work deserves my respect. But the road to success, I think they are more lucky. Giant is since childhood to the big company, the world will change, when everyone is not foreseen.

cloud network: hunting sounds like ding said ma huateng of tencent and netease.

pan: well, yes, ha ha

cloud network hunting: don’t you lucky?

pan: I think I also very lucky. Fortunately, they didn’t sell company. Fortunately I have sold two start-up companies. (self-deprecating smile), turning a blind eye to make it a company that sold out.

cloud network hunting: turning a sound very ambitious?

pan: we’re trying to do, start turning a already very good, but we don’t. But a heart of up to some, a 96 in Chinese yellow pages one said a word: dream is to some, one thousand achieved?

cloud network hunting: talk to you also to know that you used to be a low profile are reluctant to show up, why are willing to accept our public interview this time?

pan: thank you because it’s hunting cloud network contact us, and report the Tutu, give us a lot of attention in the capital circle. In addition, we desire more talented people, hope to have more talents to join us, such as the pursuit of perfection through this report to let everyone know more about to us.

reporter and Pan Lingzhi chat, 70 after Pan Lingzhi in nearly three hours of state has been carried. He do IT training, chat him to do the Internet education, free chat he sold the company’s financial, 5, 6, after years of silence about angels he do, he is the living fossil of the Internet chat, talk he gave some Internet big company CEO, CTO of lecture. Talk his favourite child in the world. Finally you will be surprised, found that there is also a rare Internet living fossil of hardcore players still active after 70 in a line, still love the Internet. Someone told Pan Lingzhi, “you are old, to give up the Internet retreat behind the scenes, the PC that you’re lame” in the era of mobile Internet. But turning online is his new beginning.

it is interesting to note: turning a blind eye to it is not a formal Chinese name yet. Pan Lingzhi said online also have no idea what to Tutu before a what kind of name? Is a tutu? Or spit spit, vomit, or rabbit rabbit? Later simply don’t have Chinese name. Pan Lingzhi said: “let the user to choose, is the one that most, may be is turning a Chinese name.

Address: company: Beijing ling technology co., LTD.
Financing progress: complete the Pre – A round
Financing amount: 10 million yuan

cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team!. Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”

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