Tutu: barrage + private chat, another round of new plays

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the picture of the tank factory + barrage play has been media reports. In addition to this field there are no new development space barrage? Hunting cloud network recently noticed a “Tutu” it to barrage + social cuts, barrage and added some new gameplay. They Pan Lingzhi tell hunting cloud network, founder of the Tutu earlier than tank factory checking online, only team and I have been low-key, they neglect the media level.

like tank factory, they are in the picture + user fun doing the breakthrough point, in tank factory is directly shows that transverse dynamic transition comments, Tutu is used each comment has another chance to show. Interesting finding is trough factory use weibo third-party login, and turning is third party support QQ login.

if you want to dig deeper, the user can easily found that turning more show is as fun, tank factory speech content more rich, more relaxed entertainment. Here can do a description: hunting cloud network understands, turning a product display is currently in personality. Personality network is a nationwide tens of millions of QQ users personalized content sharing sites, in young netizen popularity is quite high. Derivative of QQ personalized service for its increased national many primary and middle school students’ attention.

(tank factory)

in turning, so most are 90 and 00 after autodyne is given priority to, combined with the user poking fun at a more interactive social attribute. In addition to the presentation and content differences to distinguish, turning the biggest function is to the private chat between users. And private chat is don’t need to add or to apply to add as a friend.


at present, the barrage culture has become a very popular subculture. Video sharing sites niconico first originated in Japan, the domestic Acfun, Bilibili website reference and make it flourish. The PC video sites are starting to follow up barrage culture, but most of the barrage are just chicken ribs.

the popularity of barrage has been confirmed by PC, film barrage now has inured to shouldn’t, mobile terminal product barrage features are quickly became the standard. Moral integrity featured with graphic “barrage” playing interaction; “Graphic film” also played the static barrage. Painted like yan’s face me also join the barrage on the personalized expression. Seem now without barrage is embarrassed to say oneself is the Internet after 90, 00 after exclusive products.

team, old man Pan Lingzhi is its establishment in 73. Pan Lingzhi tell hunting cloud network, turning from his knife is internal, and has been in preparation for turning a separate company. Early start-ups novel reading nets have been sold to the grand. For new start-ups Pan Lingzhi regrets “mobile Internet project is fierce, not only in the product, appropriate media exposure is good for product.”

Company: Beijing ling technology co., LTD.

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