TuiBei sense to rent a car: from the perspective of the tesla, flagship “low carbon” P2P car rental

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in recent years, P2P car rental market entered a stage of unprecedented active, car rental platform have sprung up. Such as PP car rental, treasure to drive car rental, fellow friends to rent a car, bump car rental, traditional industry of China auto rental, ehi, and etc., for P2P car rental market is explosive growth. P2P car rental market space is very big, but car rental platform pattern homogeneity serious, therefore mining innovation thinking is the entrepreneurial P2P car rental project is worth thinking about.

recently, a focus on the tesla car rental brand platform – “TuiBei rental car” to cause the attention of the author. TuiBei sense to rent a car from tesla, based on principles of low carbon environmental protection, sharing resources, thus creating a new energy car sharing platform.

it is known that TuiBei feeling TuiBei rent a car belonging to shenzhen sea before feeling car technology company. Head hunting cloud network interview, “TuiBei feeling car rental can say is the embodiment of the P2P car rental market trend of vertical segmentation, platform high-end commercial vehicles with low carbon environmental protection as the breakthrough point, to provide users with quality, fashion, environmental protection car experience.”

TuiBei sense to rent a car why choose, from the perspective of the tesla? To team leader, the fossil energy will dry up, the development of green renewable energy is the sustainable human survival. In the continuous innovation of the global environment, the emergence of tesla seems to reveal a posse a the arrival of the new era. Tesla Tesla motors set unique modelling, efficient speed, good control performance and advanced technology for a suit, thus making it a road car fast perfection and fuel economy. Secondly, introducing the tesla brand, and the integration of national advocacy of low carbon environmental protection concept, more can satisfy people the pursuit of green living.

TuiBei feeling rental website

specific view, TuiBei feeling platform to provide business shuttle machine car, wedding car, advertising display car, drive car, business charter, instant car six big car rental services. Show next TuiBei sense rental user scenarios, such as the marriage is a lifetime of waiting, a wedding, full of love and blessings of money is indispensable, and tesla can lead the couple to happiness; With the hotel service industry leading enterprises, shopping malls and other life, travel for its users create fashion car rental programs; Organizations tesla drives, a big parade, tesla team if you have more experience tesla speed charm, tesla, indeed for the green life add many colors.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting TuiBei feeling car rental price, higher than ordinary domestic P2P car rental platform as a whole. Such as drive vehicles, 2000 yuan/day, rent 999 yuan/units for the first time; The wedding car, 4000 yuan/day (including the driver cost); Real-time transport, TuiBei and UBER cooperation according to the mileage charge, easy to real-time transport platform. Specific service fee, TuiBei sensory net has a detailed price list, for many car rental custom leasing scheme, business charter, wedding car and advertising display car no more than eight hours a day, monthly drive car quotation and the other. , head of the company, “tesla in charging pile, vehicle number, a list of factors such as incomplete matching resources, under the influence of service prices higher than ordinary P2P rental platform was understandable.”

the whole, TuiBei sense to rent a car break traditional car rental train of thought, the concept of innovation to cut into the P2P car rental market, to environmental protection, noble, science and technology, fashion car rental new experience. Now, with little TuiBei feeling completely similar, compared with the traditional car rental, TuiBei sense of environmental protection low carbon concept car rental can capture the user’s consumption, perhaps TuiBei sense is leading a new trend.

there is no denying the fact that TuiBei sense to rent a car in the next stage of development also encountered many difficulties and problems. Will tell from the environment, due to the trust of domestic and P2P cannot be properly solved in the short term rental revenue model is exploring factors, make the prospect of the whole P2P car rental market is expected; Second market of Shanghai government take the lead to P2P bright red, this is perhaps the government restriction P2P policy signals, let is inherently unpredictable P2P car rental markets have become more complicated; And domestic resources to match the tesla is not perfect, these are all TuiBei sense to rent a car next to face the problem.

cloud network understanding, hunting TuiBei platform based in shenzhen, the feeling of their own tesla, 200, has launched dozens of vehicles, at the same time sign strategic cooperation agreement with China unicom, unveiled TuiBei sense to rent a car and 4 g depth in union, open car rental platform and agencies. , head of the company finally said, “next, TuiBei feeling will continue to cultivate the core competitiveness, based in southern China, to expand gradually to a second-tier cities, integrate more high-end car resources, forming the unique, the investing style car rental company.”

TuiBei feeling rental
Company: shenzhen sea before TuiBei feeling automobile technology company

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