Tsinghua university pushed the “backpack electric bicycle”, only 5 kg

by a team of engineers in Canada and China joint research and development of “backpack electric bicycle”, tsinghua university, has landed the raised platform Kickstarter, the weight of the electric bicycle only 5 kg, folding design, after folding can be put in a backpack.

a Canadian engineer team united tsinghua university of China, is developing a true foldable electric bicycle, team claimed to control weight within 5 kg, so that you can really put the bike in the backpack. Ordinary folding bicycles have to at least 10 kg.

this “or” Impossible “(Impossible) bicycles, frame the use of carbon fibres, the power supply is 10 RMB 2900 milliampere mobile phone batteries, the project is now on Kickstarter implementation c $50000 ($44000) of financing goal.

the r&d team now is just to make the prototype of this kind of bicycle, they seem to need more time to solve the problem of weight, and considering the problems of security more than the average weight users, that is why they have been slow to put into production. This compact fashion electric bikes can only ride for 45 minutes at a speed of 12.4 miles per hour, or ride 15.6 miles at normal speed. Obviously, it can only act as short distance transport, the two cute little wheels looked can only work on a smooth surface, which means that it can only be your commute instead of walking tool, but not you travel choice.

in the “Impossible”, there are many technology to save space, such as the wheels can be folded into circular framework, there is a “folding box seats.

“Impossible” to white on Kickstarter for c $430 ($378). But no matter which style you choose, have to wait until at least next year in August to get the spot. So, we can’t throw away your heavy bike!

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