Trouser pocket decoration: owners and decoration teacher contact, decorate become simple

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Internet service incision vary, with designer service cuts snail is decorated, there are mainly docking decoration companies and users of the marmot, soil rabbit. And provide the overall packaging solutions, hard pack + soft beauty house steward of the overall solution. Differ, each point in caught pain points of the industry.

trouser pocket decoration is also a user-oriented decorating tools, from decorate a teacher, but it is to solve the owner and decorate the master information asymmetry problem. There are intermediary industry has the O2O, it will also leave customers pain points. If the user has to decorate demand, it is to decorate a company or other channels to docking information, opacity owner will make the owner should not pay the cost.

on the trouser pocket decoration, the owner can own demand release decorate decorate bidding, booking platform master. And decorate decorate the teacher can also participate in bidding, currently only support in shenzhen area.

for decorate owner, decorate in the pocket on demand completely free. Trouser pocket will decorate master for real-name certification, will be strictly for the record. Will be transferred to decorating the master service reputation survey. Teacher can understand simple decoration decoration construction group, the head of the, they will lead one or more decorating a team looking for decorate master is found decorating decorate decorate, eliminate is decorated a company to the intermediate links, natural decoration can greatly save the cost. And on the market at present most of the “decorate a company” are generally responsible for the design, order. After receiving the order, and then assign a live to decorate master for construction of cooperation, due to its operational traveler, so the price will be relatively higher.

for decorate teacher: on this platform, with its high quality service, can let decorate teacher isn’t looking for decorating order. Let your own construction team, increase their income.

tell hunting cloud network team, trouser decorating is an open platform, all the good faith management, the public praise good decoration master can join, please contact customer service, after review the real-name certification, and technology, can join the platform to get the order. Bidding information will be released at the same time, the owner free three decorate teacher to fill. , trouser pocket decoration will confirm with the landlord first specific amount of time, will notice in the form of phone calls and text messages to decorate master in contact with the owner, for the amount of free room, budget, out of the scheme. If owner decorates to participate in the bid three teachers are not satisfied, can also be to issue a tender, or contact trouser pocket customer service, to make an appointment.

team, trouser founder exhibition zhu jun in the offline decoration industry for more than five years, has the rich experience and resources, co-founder of le hoang quan senior product manager for five years. In the future, decentralization, stripping others, only spoke with efficiency and high quality service is decorating industry solution.

the individual is not attached to any future platform, information transparency is the future trend of the Internet to transform traditional industry. Go to mediation, let the service to return to nature.

trouser pocket decoration
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