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at present, with the national leisure tourism gradually rise, tourism App entrepreneurs emerge in endlessly, from the traditional book reservation, to the planning, before to tall on the net Tours such as one cool, promontory, free App become a trend of tourism business. In numerous travel App, travel strategy design, only consider downloads and registrations has no meaning, and the key to win, who may not be faster, more comprehensive, whose best technology, the key is who is more meet the needs of users. Free the user needs the biggest characteristic is liquidity, the trip at any time are likely to “change”, tourism consumption is accidental consumption behavior, how to make all kinds of tourism consumption and the product is very good, how can you do this trip planning an extension of the tourism market is product of a new way of thinking.

a product online travel in August, with tourism strategy as the breakthrough point, based on large data and meta search technology, recommend personalized travel guide for the user. Approach is to travel, travelers can determine provide their information, intelligent system structured recommended travel guides, and users in the process of travel, can according to their own requirements for attractions, accommodation, food, etc. To add or subtract, implements humanized tourism strategy design. Travel pie is cheng Cheng second startup project, after he does products being acquired “traveler life ambition”, from the experience of work and their own love of travel, make cheng Cheng thought of traveling to send the startup project.

specific to travel features, users can choose according to the corresponding labels to travel, to send in the entire network search strategy of travel information, sorting, screening form a personalized itinerary. Of course, the schedule can be modified, such as where to have already been to, where don’t like it, a user can cut. That is to say, according to the actual situation of oneself completely custom line. This itinerary, including not only go to where to play, also includes the optimal order of play, about the time required for, and what time to travel and traffic line size and so on.

travel can also serve as the entrance, hotel and ticket booking. Specific travel time was determined, sort out the itinerary will adjust automatically according to such as flight.

in addition, also hope to be able to cover travel will send to travellers of demand, such as through the user’s mobile phone positioning, real-time travel plans advice, or according to the changes, such as weather information, in a timely manner to draw up a good arrangement to make the corresponding adjustment tips, etc.

Sent for free travel

is the value of the core users, save time in the user’s search query strategy, based on the processing of large data, quantitative structure is the core content of travel guide, the lodging information real-time integrated, real-time forecast of cost budget, massive spots can DIY tour, a key to so as to achieve the goal of optimizing travel itinerary.

at home, and travel to send a similar products and cicada travel itinerary, tips travel assistant, intellectual swim, etc. Travel is the trend of entrepreneurship, have paid attention to the pain points of travel planning, such as covering attractions, accommodations, experience, traffic etc details, help travelers travel plan. Now, everyone is trying to make use of the user on the front end enough light, simple and smart, the difference between each other on the user experience, which is behind the technology of data search and algorithm of the test.

at present, travel primarily for domestic tourism, the focus of the future will be in a foreign country. Travel sent a startup is received at the beginning of its angel investment capital is 5 million yuan RMB. Capital injection to play a key role in the development of travel pie, travel in the future will increase the payment function, make free line closed loop, constantly improve in the line in the planning and travel recommendations, sent to travel into each individual users from “before entry, line tool”.

Pie travel

time: August 2014


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