Total college: main middle school classroom, flip the classroom model sinking to three or four line city

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although online education is still in a state of “the production of body fluid”, but does not interfere with cluster into capital and entrepreneurs. In march this year just launched green college is one example.

total college located in online education service platform for middle school students, put forward to “flip” classroom teaching model, and USES the online video lectures focus on solve the problem of way sank by 234 cities, avoid the first-tier cities competing for a moment. Angel round investment company has obtained 20 million yuan, at present are in the process of A round of funding.

the traditional teaching mode is the teacher in class lectures, homework, let the students to practice at home. Shawl college main “flip the classroom teaching mode”, the students use video at home finishing the study of knowledge, and classroom interactions between teachers and students and between students, including the answer, the use of knowledge, etc., so as to achieve better education effect.

company founder as Mao Junfeng, worked as a key high school math teacher for four years, successively in learning big education, ember education, later also has founded an offline training institutions, and try doing flip the classroom, successful discovery gave him a lot of inspiration. Based on the traditional education inefficiency and the opportunity of online education, establish green academy in the end of last year. He believes that online education in the near future will completely change the existing mode of education, education career is expected to be whole to Internet + O2O new era of education to give priority to.

this year in March, the total school officially launched, providing online classes, in the form of live + recorded course main sum up, the children often take an examination of error-prone points, made deep processing knowledge, students meet each problem, almost all have specific solutions of video. At the same time, the courses are in about 15 minutes, also make the students not easily distracted. At present, the online version of textbooks, Beijing normal university version, Sue textbooks, generic version.

it’s interesting that Chinese olive college course did not include English class, this is Mao Junfeng said, “there are too many people in the English education, we are only doing what she does best.”

the research thinks, K12 education problem is not lack of content, but the essence, the content of the right content, from the huge repository and how to find the most appropriate content. Mao Junfeng tell hunting cloud network total colleges have their own professional recorded room, full-time teachers spend a lot of time to do the research work, so can meet the quality courses.

at present, the total school registered students reached 1 million, full-time research team of 40 people, teachers team are through strict screening, and will gradually expand the team power.

Mao Junfeng tell hunting cloud network, Chinese olive college mainly into the 234 cities market, it is almost occupied 70% of the domestic training market. At the same time, a serious shortage of teachers strength in these areas. “Learn and think big brands can’t enter the three or four line city, perhaps is unable to solve these problems.” Use the Internet tools that can trigger a teacher role, curriculum model, management model and a series of change.

(the graph is: Chinese olive college recorded room)

the total school is how to “flip” classroom mode sinks to three or four line city? Mao Junfeng tell hunting cloud network, the focus that has implications for Chinese olive college to do 2.0 mode, this also is the focus of the future.

with K12 Tmall in the field of education and public comment on can do well in this paper, the specific pattern is: institute of Chinese olive (Internet classroom + video resources content producers), three or four line city lieutenant colonel education institutions (total video courses make up of the college teachers’ high quality resources, cooperation to open play offline napa stores “flip” class) – total flagship store where college education entities (role: brand show, franchisees management, after-sale complaints, teacher training) – total college online website, mobile APP (students offline education didn’t catch that, for the online review. Don’t have time to go offline, it can be finished completely online K12, booking a physical store to sign up, look at each store user parents review).

total mode speak a word of the college is k12 education O2O. Shawl college back for training institutions, training institutions bear the total school of offline services. But the total is still in its 1.0 version of the game, Mao Junfeng tell hunting cloud network, A round of venture capital in, is to accelerate the green school 2.0 model moving forward. The shawl has two entities shops in exploring the feasibility of this model.

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