Top incubator YC: public class 13 venture experience

last week, the famous enterprise incubator Y Combinator in California Cupetino forint center for entrepreneurial school held a grand activities, 17000 entrepreneurs and likely to become entrepreneurs in the future of high school students, college students took part in the activity.

in this day of activities, many famous investors and founder, a speech to introduce people to your own experience, Suggestions, and vision for the future of their industry.

we compiled some of the classic sayings:

“you should not only learn how to hire a management team, also want to learn how to manage, and if you want to learn to manage, you must have a great desire to succeed.” – Ron Conway, SV Angel

Conway argues that the entrepreneurial motivation and ambition is innate, but such as personnel management, recruitment skills need to be acquired. Founder often mistakenly believe that they are entrepreneurs, so they also has the knowledge management. But, in fact, knowledge management is a need to seriously study the skills, while the founders need to learn how to do better.

“as an investor I also can not predict success or failure of a project.” – Ron Conway, SV Angel

investors often talking about how they are farsighted, their portfolio companies is at first glance they know the company will grow. But Conway, stressed that it is difficult to predict, especially early in the development of the company. Investors are betting on the future of the company, and not by the so-called sparkling eyes.

“I pay more attention to the heart of doubt, but not particularly care about how to solve these questions.” – Danae Ringelmann, Indiegogo

Ringelmann this passage is aimed at the heart of what they do have a clear idea of entrepreneurs. She wants to achieve capital democratization, and thus using the Internet, eventually create Indiegogo. It’s supposed to be her the best way to realize your ideas. Ringelmann is crazy about her goal, and not achieve the goal of the tool. As a founder, do you have bigger targets? You will need to adapt to the environment and open mind, it is help to achieve goals.

“sometimes people’s words and deeds, very, very inconsistent.” – Kevin Systrom, sets a

your friends as well as the early users may have touted your product, but if you want to know is your product a real success, actually still want according to the number of users and judging the real user feedback.

“you must drop the practice to find the perfect idea.” – Kevin Systrom, sets a

Systrom tell may also present in the school’s future entrepreneurs, forget to mind the so-called professional track. Because a lot of unexpected things in life, can let a good chance to disappear, also make new opportunities. Like them, this is he in the university is in the process of learning photography.

“money does not bring you the time, but the market.” – Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners

his views contrary to popular belief. It is generally believed to raise large amounts of money can make you a trajectory, to complete certain milestones. But in fact, your work time axis determination is determined according to the initial market. Hoffman, according to records show that companies that will raise a lot of money in the first round, the last is often badly. You need to raise funds only a little more than you expect, then should be focused on doing things. Have too much money, can make policymakers think instead, they can put off until tomorrow to do things today.

“circulated a” myth “in silicon valley, about the role of the government… But in fact, the government set up a platform, and we have on the platform.” – Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners

Hoffman, remind us that even though many technology companies complain that the government hindered the innovation, the government has done a lot of important things for the enterprise. , such as the government founded the architect to ensure that the enterprises can survive. (that is, by means of law guarantee contract)

“our work is not so exciting, we’re just came into the office and tinkering” – Jan Koum, WhatsApp

the founder of a new company and the role of the leader is not so attractive, there are a lot of work needs to be done. Koum and his co-founder Brian Acton away from the media, they use more energy to focus on WhatsApp product itself, standing in the user’s perspective. They are wholeheartedly to concentrate on work, every day is a day to repair leaks in every joint.

“we teach them to fish, let you learn to inspire yourself, so you don’t have to get back to us.” – Kevin Hale, Y Combinator

for Y Combinator start-up companies, their work is actually help entrepreneurs, so that they can learn how to solve the problem, and found what problem is the most important thing for them. For the challenges they faced, the partners would not answer directly, but they will help to find suitable for their own the new company strategy.

“another thing is that the temptation of short-term gain incredibly powerful. But I don’t care how ceos said, in fact they are always shortsighted.” – Andrew Mason, the company/Detour

Mason admits, listed, it is the company have done the worst decision. When making the first page flyer, exit the idea has been entrepreneurs echo in your mind. Is completely changed but the listed company operation logic. Mason said complete quarterly targets has become a top priority, while long-term plans to lean back.

“every investor is different. Communicate with them, to understand their outlook of the company, and make sure you these ideas are consistent.” – Michelle Zatlyn CloudFlare

choose investors should not be to who give you the most money, or who can lead to the highest value standard. He should be your best strategic partner, in the long run should also accord with your company’s long-term development, not only look at the product specifications. CloudFlare rejected the offer, and the price is the founder of the investors, he think there is a professional experience, can understand the company’s business development, is the important measure of investors are appropriate.

“if you rely on it through a dark room, you have found that the quality of products in the market.” – Emmett Shear, Twitch

echo the Y Combinator partners Qasar Younis dozen, for example: make a new products like in an opaque room, you can’t see anything, can only rely on the user feedback, study repeatedly, to guide themselves.

“if you don’t love it, that obviously you can’t survive long suffering.” – Emmett Shear, Twitch

Shear warns founder for the wrong reason to enter an industry. If you don’t like daily work, employees potential wealth can’t stop more people.


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