Too much hype, let entrepreneurs to become “addicted”

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if your company is a new registration verification, and obtained the social recognition, people full of enthusiasm for it, and was praised by the news media, and gain huge profit, it is really too incredible things. You can really believe what you have believed – this will definitely will get unprecedented success. The occurrence of such things is almost surreal, you feel your career progresses day by day.

tap all email delivered to your mailbox, just to show you worship, praise you how great it is. People to join your team, willing to help you, you planned to. This time, investors will start to behave in the cold, but this again and they need a warm introduction of conflicting requirements). Media reports began to like snowball, follow.

you will be needed, are called. You are invited to open throughout the lecture, you give the audience response are very valuable. Your network scale multiplication.

completely overwhelming, can let a person have a boiling passion.

but COINS there is another side.

the hype is addictive, but not always so smooth. Media attention will quickly spread like a crack (I imagine such). Height is short after all, once tend to be insipid, you will want more. Began to forge something, you start lying, only to continue to enjoy ZhongXingPengYue of pleasure.

more users bring more responsibility. For example, you must keep your perfect, the user can’t let you down, it brings the invisible pressure. You need to spend a lot of time to communicate with your advocates, continually updated self repair.

lost hype felt like being thrown cold water. At the start of the may feel a little sting, as were the bee sting, you need a great deal of concentration control myself don’t care about these stupid people. But as time goes on, you begin to become numb, seems all is as expected. Eventually you start analysis can give you the benefits of opposition. However, no matter how thick shell, you are still hurts.

you feel nervous, very worried about missing the window. You don’t know where the Windows specific, or how long it will open but you know it exists. Even if you’ve got a lot of, but you still don’t meet, also want to get more benefit. If one day no income, you will find miss this opportunity. Pressure is more and more big, and you always feel is not fast enough.

you start excessively analysis they say every word, each of your decision. Can’t seem to make any stupid mistake, otherwise it will cause a heavy price. If once made a mistake, it is devastating.

at the end of the day, the feeling of exciting, you will have to face the reality. You are not a fairy, the attention of people is short. You hope that the good times to continue, but it won’t be in the business world of the last. You will realize that you need to build a sustainable business system, instead of only focusing on the hype.

to borrow Bill Bernbach’s words: “too heavy and complicated advertising mouth will lead to no perfect products faster to fall not”

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