Tofu APP, specifically for corruption female network community

(article/who 闫森)

after the bunker app, the uncle samw is run with the team on the road is full of moral integrity grinder. One is not enough, can be subdivided. Corruption female target market, the team introduced specifically for corruption female APP tofu – positioning tried BL fan girl cartoon novel video communication community interest.

shout! What a long name. Here to say what is corruption female, rot female: short for “rotten woman”, the meaning of any remedy in Japan. Not a derogatory term. Specifically refer to have a special liking for MSM love BL series works of women, usually can understand BL and no discrimination against for the transcendence of love to give you a definite position in others, also have a “rotten woman” as those committed to the depth of the fan will create “women do not go out for a long time.

rot female general like BL’s literary works, like YY MSM. Is not gay anime, novels or pairing psychosexuality into gay characters, that is forced into BL CP. But beware: corruption mostly female circle the understanding of the gay community, but corruption female is not gay.

back to the bean curd. Now, tofu positioning corruption female curtilage corruption continues the former bunker do community, single out do positioning can be more clear. Circle of ideas to run or in the community. Rotten woman can add tofu in various circles, but the shortage of current volume circle, and community activity remains to be operational.

remove the circle, the biggest is applied to rot female attraction in the novels and video plate. Current decay can satisfy most female novels see BL, tried culture needs. Video sector also provides rot female love BL animation, etc. And as normal blood type anime between male role ambiguity in YY is their favorite anime type.

on the market at present is not specifically for corruption female market application, tofu first mover advantage can go for a period of time, on the subsequent community capacity is the key. Tell hunting cloud network team, now temporarily not consider profit model, but the direction of future earnings in the novel and corruption can try to explore female game application.


company: shenzhen bunkers interactive entertainment co., LTD.


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