To solve the “start a kilometer” problem: personal “outsourcing” post office services Skyp

for the vast majority of people, the emergence of the Internet has facilitated life, solved a lot of trouble things, but the Internet has failed to ease the trouble by parcel post.

Shyp, an online startup in San Francisco to see the opportunity, the cheapest and most reliable is committed to providing customers with door-to-door delivery service, is actively to the New York market, the recent expansion. As long as a small service fee, Shyp staff will come to pickup, help you pack to reach the destination. Last week I sent my cousin a parcel, open Shyp application, to want to mail items took a picture, enter her address, 15 minutes after the staff went to the door of my house. You don’t need to prepare packing box, do not need to prepare tape, don’t have to weigh, also don’t have to be long long team to buy stamps.

Shyp and similar service outsourcing technology startups is the result of the lazy economy? Or is just the opposite, they are technical personnel had predicted the liberation of tremendous progress in human productivity and creativity.

the emergence of the science and technology make we all pay attention to when doing anything simple, efficient and speed, at first is a sewing machine and the dishwasher, followed by Google and Kayak. Recently is to provide people the startup of services required, such as Uber taxi services, Instacart online grocery stores, Munchery online reservation and so on.

packaging supplies slowly forward team and trouble of the post office is just the conflict with the concept of people simple and efficient. Postal service daily operation with the help of the support staff it solved the problem of “the last kilometer”, the last of the logistics distribution is one of the most important link – the items and submit it to the final destination. But for most of the electricity, “started a kilometer” is more important. Richard r. John is a Columbia University historian, study the postal system, when he has a package in the office is going to return to the amazon, he thought it was a very difficult problem.

the postal service, the 18th century than (in 1775, the American revolutionary war period, to facilitate the letters and information delivery and postal service) emerges as The Times and the conflict of the modern world is not convenient. Modern society, even in line at starbucks is considered to be inefficient, need to purchase in advance by applying a latte.

then we change how to determine the productivity of science and technology is to improve the human, lazy, or the human being lose patience?

economists think service outsourcing is an opportunity cost, if you send parcel time used to complete the other work, you can better use of your time, you might have to take a nap, or to run a step, or play with your children.

professor of economics at Stanford business school of technology, Susan Athey said: “people often too much underestimate the value of time, if a person need to take half a day off to do things in person, or will miss the deadline to return, or will not reach due to queuing nursery to pick up the kids, then take a few dollars please running errands is worth it. Tradeoff between time and money for the lack of one of those people is very important.

obviously technology has made a lot of household chores become less time consuming, parents spend time in the family have a week in 1965 from 36.3 hours to 27.6 hours by now. According to the American time use survey and data by the pew research center shows that some of them to save time with their children, they used to take care of the children a week’s time increased from 12.7 in 1965 hours to 20.8 hours today.

personal chores outsource to others is different from by machine or software to replace the complete, positioning the emergence of the mobile phone to make it become a possibility. Very few people can afford a full-time professional assistant, but many people can pay a few dollars occasionally outsourcing tasks. Shyp a service charge of $5, in the case of pay the postage, you don’t have to go to the post office can send the parcel.

so people use applications like Shyp, the biggest problem, it may be that they rely too much on things doesn’t necessarily can exist for a long time. Start-up companies face high failure rate, especially logistics start-up companies. Internet bubble, Webvan and Kozmo crisis for Internet entrepreneurs a lesson: “build warehouse, inventory, and hire a driver to go home is the customer needs to pay a high price.

however, Shyp founded as a only one year of the company became profitable. This is because it most of the profit comes not from a $5 service charge, but because of its package quantity is large, to get the bulk transport of discount is higher, and it will choose the United States post office, fedex, UPS, DHL, etc the lowest transport price Courier charge in the company.

if customers on-demand enterprise, the more money will be less, and the Shyp is on the contrary, the more people use it to service, earn more money, this is business school so much the basic case of silicon valley. In fact use Shyp often moving, some customers just need $5, can pack and send their property. Shyp joint sponsors and chief executive Kevin Gibbon to Shyp popular reasons explained: “bulk cargo transport price gap let Shyp made a lot of money, is often very heavy and retail customers.

Mr Gibbon was before creating Shyp eBay power seller, he said: “in the logistics enterprise, you must prove your business model is correct as soon as possible, you can’t blindly and other customers, such as eBay and Etsy website sellers actually is one of the biggest clients.

Shyp in different areas of the city has its own truck, after the couriers to retrieve the parcel, they will be ready for loading on the truck, when the truck filled with, the driver took the parcel to Shyp warehouse, equipped with professional carton making machine, there can be found in 8 seconds integrity to conform to the size of the carton, there is a printer specializing in the production of address labels and stamps, all after the completion of the delivery package, and then others will come to take a couple of times a day.

there are other startup companies try to change postal service, a company called Outbox startups will scan the customer’s package into digital data, then you can read the information on the application, but the company was forced to shut down as early as this year.

due to the postal service’s financial troubles, Shyp is very important for the market, more and more people like to send packages without packaging. (this is why the post office is now to receive this parcel and agreed to the door on Sunday also distribution amazon package)

the rise of digital communications make people rarely have any correspondence, but technology is not let the greatness of the 18th century than worthless, such as automatic sorting. With the development of e-commerce, the package in the future market will be more and more big, if Shyp succeeds, so will usher in the new era of logistics.

Source: WSJ

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