To see The Times named year 25 great inventions, very COOL

cloud network hunting note: in the past year, those who love the invention opened again which is trying to change the world of imagination? Time magazine has selected 2014’s top 25 best invention, to see if there are you admire in the heart.

01 hoverboards Hendo Hoverboard/$10000

remember the science fiction movie “back to the future 2” appears in hoverboards? Now California technology companies from the United States Hendo, according to the film create physical but Hendo company build skateboard intelligence is about 1 inch high from the ground, and must be a slide on the surface of conductive materials. Battery life for 15 minutes.

02 super smart spacecraft

the United States, Russia, the European Union has failed to first try to go to Mars, but India did it. India launched on September 24, the super smart spacecraft, only spent $7400 m, is not as good as the movie “gravity” of the budget.

03 chaoneng nuclear fusion

fusion have abundant but pure ability, but has been difficult to grasp. But in October, Lockheed Martin formula to achieve technological breakthroughs, said to be in ten years to create small enough to make up for it after the truck fusion reactor.

4 wireless charging

we have unlimited Internet and unlimited phone, but now we have to charge cable. But this year the us wireless electric company successfully used the insertion coil the farthest distance of 2.4 meters. The technology is now in the Toyota, Intel has carried on the experiment on computer and other products.

5 3 d print all things

a machine can make all things, this is really it is not just a dream. The emergence of 3 d printers, let our “want to” become a reality. In the past year, students use 3 d technology to print the physics course of the train carriages, the scientists to print the human organs, 3 d Systems, a company to print the candy box of Musical Instruments.

6 much-anticipated Apple Apple Watch Watch/$349 +

Apple Watch embodies the new concept of smart Watch, touch screen together with physical button. Apple’s surprise, published this year, the Apple of Apple officially into fashion Watch is worthy of exemplary of the year.

7 put privacy first phone Blackphone/$629

we too much personal information on the mobile phone has, in the Internet age, we can’t even find a way to perfect protect my privacy. And Blackphone is a mobile phone of ministry of privacy in the first place, it puts forward the may cause the function of security holes, such as calendar sync. With a higher than ordinary smart phone technology also calls the encryption software, information and browsing history.

08 the raise, the king of the king of the picnic Coolest Cooler/$399

all on one of the most successful Kickstarter project, raise its victory over the Oculus Rift, Pebble, such as hot project, successfully raised us $13.3 million this year. Coolest Cooler this portable refrigerator can store food, beverages, with a mixer, LED, USB chargers, bluetooth speaker, such as tools, such as the bottom of the four wheels make it easy to move.

foreign friends most of the cars and room, go out is its drive to the wild, it is a tool for them is so convenient. And don’t have a car, I really feel… Too much trouble!

09 Lumo guide you standing like a pine Lift/$100


standing like a pine wind, remember always told us television advertising as a child, but now look at yourself, winter has come, huddled nest on the sofa is pretty good. Lumo company invented Lumo Lift posture reminders, let users on clothes with this device as pins. It can analyze the location of the neck and back, the position is not ideal when there is a shock. This product sales volume has exceeded the content goal now, and half of the users are women.

10 BMW do electric cars BMW i3/$41350

BMW this year made electric cars – BMW i3, charge it 3 hours can form 113-177 km, still can make the driver with a pedal and accelerate and brake. I3 equipped with when the car went out of the power supply used car batteries gasoline, solve the customer’s range anxiety.

11 mobile office Microsoft Surface Pro 3/$799

main mobile office, began to make money this year Surface Pro 3 works even want a plaything jun. 12 inches, of the use Office software, can remove the keyboard cover and a fixed base. Mobile office head, want to change the computer is computer, tablet tablet.

12 will elegant smart Ringly/$195 +

the girl at the mobile phone has a big bag to carry, but the trouble is that every time the phone we need to find out the phone from his bag and Ringly ring chuo of the female users demand. Set to accept category, in a worn on the ring of can receive E-mail, SMS, phone call. The first batch of 1000 Ringly introduced in June has been sold out.

13 yes, also can call you take medicine Pillpack

remember to eat what medicine, eat what medicine is really too much trouble. Now has electronic pharmacy Pillpack, it every two weeks to send a patient kit, drugs are in accordance with the date and time of packing is good. Come, now don’t convulsions, eat on time.

14 prevention of blindness in super banana

in sub-saharan Africa there are as many as 30% of children under the age of five risk of blindness, this is because not enough vitamin A in their diet. If add vitamin A in they often use banana, things will get better. And Australia genetic when biologists are rich in vitamin A super banana, it is to solve A major health problem of bananas!

15 powered wheels Copenhagen Wheel/$799

biking is good for the body, but commanding riding a car is a grind. In order to reduce the financial burden on cycling, Copenhagen Wheel had emerged. According to the preferences of the app, the motor can provide help in the cycling process. Sensor will be to test the road conditions, the temperature and potholes.

16 I will not sign language, but can communicate seamlessly MotionSavvy uni/$198 +

San Francisco MotionSavvy corporations to Uni device, this is a special attachment tablet, which USES motion camera and voice recognition, the American sign language is translated into English. We don’t have to afraid of don’t understand sign language, now we are seamless communication.

17 ebola filter Hemopurifier

the ebola virus propagation speed too fast, and developed by Aethlon company Hemopurifier filter cartridges can be loaded on the blood dialysis machine, to restore the body should be balanced, the plants absorb the ebola virus, prothrombin can clear the virus. This product in Germany used a patients once, but really work wonders, cured him of ebola infections.

18 take assistant

take now has become a cultural phenomenon, at least a quarter of americans share on social networking sites. Plaything you when I go out to play, I often see people use take assistant for many people take, the cell phone holder on the autodyne assistant, how many people want to make is how many people at any time.

19 can save electricity air conditioning Quirky + GE aros/$279

Quirky site and ge’s air conditioner Aros. Aros through GPS tracking master whereabouts, according to their distance from home to automatically switch machine, can also record now air conditioning electricity, can effectively for the user to save as much as 10% of the electricity.

20 prisoners relaxed mood Blue Room

Oregon’s largest 200 prisoners held in the prison, the prisoners to 23 hours a day, in addition to his white cell walls can’t see anything, but this experience will improve the incidence of mental illness, can make prisoners have committed suicide and violence. And prison officials began to make some prisoners in “Blue Room” 1 hour coinciding, Blue Room has projector playback desert scenery, waterfalls and other video, this is nature in influencing human behavior.

let the children touch up 21 Osmo/$79

now most of children like electronic products, play it is not a rare thing. But before sitting behind a Pad, don’t move that no child lively. Osmo the accessories for the camera to capture the real target, make the child can echo pattern on the screen display color piece, namely rewarded when put right. Encourage them to move.

22 smart basketball coach 94 looking smart sensor/$200

94 looking smart sensor built in 9 basketball sensor and 1 piece of bluetooth chip, chip data can be transmitted to the mobile phone app, let users make a self-assessment, better for training. Now the basketball had sold 100000.

23 edible packaging Wikipearls/$4 for a pack of two

WikiFoods company in order to reduce packaging waste, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and other foods made from shell, shell integration can only be in your mouth, and environmental protection.

24 art show “brand Electric objects/$399 per frame

Eletric Objects produced a 22 x13 inch flat screen, it can display different pictures, the product can connect to the Internet, can according to user’s mobile phone app to arbitrary switching display content.

25 let the girl doll becoming powerful IAmelemental/$65 for a set of 7

to the girl’s toy, it seems that is not cooking toys, is a barbie doll, on the market for girls, there is no strong, robust action figures of women. So the two mothers Dawn Nadeau and Julie Kerwin start to design the “I am the strong” series of action figures, these dolls represents a different kind of heroism, to encourage girls to strong.

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