To remove the black hat, wearing white hat: SEO is no longer a “necessary evil”

want to make money, open shop, shop to fire, also depends on the “search”. But depravity, many merchants cheat cheating, earn a profit and loss in the long run, is also SEO, SEO also. Expert advice: the gentleman the love of money, take youdao.

been said: “as long as a successful 80%”. This also applies to marketing market in 2014. The show is a must to is more than the market, and it shows. When customers search products, media to mention you, or you receive comments, clever merchant presence to show it.

according to? Because it looked “money” :

80% customers have the habit of purchase before search;

70% of customers buy likes to read the comments before;

68% of customers search keywords to narrow the purchase of the goods;

regularly updated website than for a long time not updated for more than 55% of the traffic and 80% of the number of search;

70% of search is through the plan;

to see these, do you still feel search shows results with earnings?

in 2014, admittedly, Google, blog comments, and other sites to a large extent affected some of our decision, of course, shopping in one of them.

it’s a pity that many brands don’t see the hidden opportunities. Customers need their goods and services, but they did not see, originally within easy reach of the interests, freely.

so you appear?

at the moment it using a mobile phone to do a test. Google search on a few can effectively describe your product keywords (not brand, but descriptive words).

reality is cruel. Customers search less than, you don’t exist. Don’t take the initiative to advertise, you stand aside. Content not window, you can’t see.

covering, before the 80% of customers have bought search habits of era, the most tragic thing is less than your goods.

someone doubt that why their investment on advertising to soar, but sales are down? The simple answer is that today only 0.1% of people click advertising on the web. Advertising are changed according to the effect of the charge, since a third of the AD is ignored, 86% of people skip ads, 44% of the direct mail advertising has never been opened. The tragedy of the advertising present situation can abound.

but 2014 was a turning point, Internet advertising have become a business website, together with the emergence of new digital tools, online business income millions of us dollars is no longer a dream. These reasons are online there will be no threshold, democratization of the network market.

in the market there are many factors to let you can’t use guest sales (marketers in their power to earn the favour of customers) channels (such as SEO, blog, social media and newsletters) to increase their own advantages. Most of us have tried these solutions, but the result is not ideal. Believe me, it’s not the plan doesn’t fit, but the market is not so fair, their effect is compromised.

I was lucky enough to be as a reporter to interview SEO spammers. Sadly, they are obsessed with the immediate interests, like to spam on consumption, often illegal pursuit of interests.

there is no denying that, however, use the merchants of SEO does profit more than conservative merchants a lot.

over the years, people engaged in SEO work on the Internet made a lot of junk mail and spam.

they destroy search program directory, add keywords in the content, on the blog comment spam or buy links to work against Google’s program, and the poor quality of the goods to the forefront of the search rankings. This behavior was spurned and despised, it is effective. I call it the “wild west” of SEO.

in 2011, Google released Panda (first anti-spam program), but cheater can still by buying links and send spam to improve search rankings. Until recently, Google’s search algorithms (Panda and Penguin) update, to defeat the outdated method of SEO cheating.

like the previous rules, you still have to understand the principle of Search algorithm operation, make oneself of the commodity content on Google or Facebook’s Graph Search. New rules of the change is that businesses can’t just focus on “key words”, also must make the goods conform to the identity of the merchants.

Google calculation procedure is similar to human thinking, but nature, or a machine. So Google first attaches great importance to the social signals, the author authority and neglected before engagement indicators such as the important factor of influence on search rankings.

many businesses put the cart before the horse, focusing on the Google search procedure, ignored the nature of business the more links – customers. In 2014, the successful businessman need thorough analysis on the customer, in keywords reference they browse order, finally the goods highlighted the content and the relationship between sales purpose.

SEO success in optimization: search optimization, content optimization and the relationship between optimization! The optimization in hand, both customers and search algorithm have to go with you.

search optimization : optimize your website to help search engines understand website content.

content optimization : optimize the content, make more customers willing to share and link.

relationship optimization : with social media or other merchants to establish a reliable relationship, let them give thanks to your products, so as to improve web site for a reverse link (the more backlinks that support the higher).

since 2011’s, many outdated SEO strategy to be eliminated, but will soon have a new strategy. It is sell SEO search engine optimization (SEO) package ($200), and almost every seconds a sold. This optimization package allows businesses are among the best on the Google search rankings. But you really believe in fairy tales? In SEO there is no free lunch in this line.

if you have the following, will take the consequences:

buy links: to participate in any form of link factory (a banned by search engine cheating). As links is a serious violation of the Google terms of payment.

wanton receive poor quality links: artificially created hundreds of low quality in the comments of the connection. Google will find this kind of behavior.

Manufacturing spam

: a large number of repeat or send spam links are regarded as rubbish.

in recent years, there are many hackers and unethical SEO users send a lot of different types of spam email messages. This is a serious problem for Google, because mail will continue to interfere with its search results.

will make you the following behavior is marked as spam technology users, and then be out of the scope of Google’s index:

pseudonymous account reviews will be subject to prosecution and penalties.

Cheating in the

content: these tactics include keyword stuffing, doorway pages (specifically do affect the search engine page) or hidden text content.

spam blogs: to steal others’ blogs, repeated thousands of useless pages. These pages will interfere with the search and meaningless to the user.

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