To purse slimming: one card “smart card instead of all CARDS

how many CARDS in your wallet? Bank CARDS, credit CARDS, membership CARDS, loyalty CARDS, transportation CARDS… Although now have a micro letter wallets, Pay treasure, and Apple mobile payment tools such as Pay, many people still don’t discard the habit of “card payment”. So the emergence of electronic wallet “to change this phenomenon?

2013, as the mobile payment card with the San Francisco startup “secretly took aim at the user’s wallet, creating a more CARDS and smart CARDS, which allow the user to a card in the hand don’t have to worry about, also let users purse thin body greatly. According to the design concept, Coin can accommodate 8 card at a time, and the Coin of the App on the mobile phone is can accommodate an infinite number card. That is to say, you can put all the CARDS into the Coin inside, consumption with a Coin. Coin company had introduced a reservation scheme, aims to raise up to $50000. As a result, in 40 minutes, they were more than the target. But due to various reasons, Coin in after a year later will be officially launched a Beta version. Last week, I finally got this a Beta version of the Coin.

in fact, I have been not carry traditional habit of my wallet, but I will be with hair rope will be a heap of bank CARDS together. In the past three years, that’s how I tied up the card to wear in the body, as one of my “wallet”, in fact I think it is quite practical.

I was booked in advance a Beta version of the Coin is not because I don’t like my wallet that a binding type, but I was the so-called “the unity of” card more attracted by technology. Besides, since I have been also hopes to simplify all those things in a mess. So when I heard about this product, I thought it should be able to help me type binding wallet success “lean”. After months of delay, finally received a Coin in my mailbox. In fact, I almost forget this product before I make a reservation, but when it appears in my mailbox, I still can’t wait to try out.

Settings “need to use your phone to install the Coin of the company’s application. You can put your card in a card reader, similar to the Square or use Apple Pay scan card type “to use. But I found that this process is somewhat complex: first you have to put your bank card is bound to your phone, and then scan your credit card or debit card. Then you will receive a temporary fee payments from the bank confirmation, after confirmation, you will need to open the Coin into the synchronous mode, bank card has been recorded in the Coin. Enter the first bank card (this is one of my debit card) the whole process of spent ten minutes. And the second input two card, American express and Crisp membership card is completed soon.

in order to test the electronic wallet, I went to the Crisp restaurant for lunch. Usually at the time of checkout I will also use a credit card and membership card of the restaurant. As expected, the restaurant staff is also very curious about my electronic credit card. I explained to him is how to use the Coin, so he first scanned my membership card. Then through a small key, I will Coin into my Visa card to pay. All process very smooth, without any problems. As well as the staff, I also feel shocked, not just because “real” implements the “card” design concept, but it actually really is very convenient to use concise.

I also bought some candles in Duane Reade store, where the use of Coin and everything goes well. The staff of the restaurant as if already know the existence of the Coin, did not have any questions.

in 36 hours after using the Beta version of the Coin, “part of the functionality of the problems. I can’t be adjust a Coin for synchronous mode, although when I input program requirements, buttons in constant rotation, but it just don’t scan CARDS. So I contacted the Coin company, illustrates the problems to them, they promise I can get a new Coin. Out of the question, of course, is understandable, after all, this is just a test version of the Coin, but I think “in the short time is unable to solve this problem.

in general, the use of “experience or with everyone expected, although the beta” also has some problems and defects. But one thing the user needs to clear: the current Beta version of the “support only debit CARDS, credit CARDS, gift CARDS, membership CARDS, but it does not support the transportation card, and that for public transport workers often is a big flaw. By the way, the Beta version of the Coin in tilting the machine work, so I can ask my metro card account transfer. But “can’t be used on an ATM (when you insert the Coin, the voice of the ATM is like” chew “your bank card), so I tried many times, hope” can be read into the ATM card slot, but nothing at last. Ah! It’s really let a person feel disappointed! To this end, I still have no way to out of my debit card, it seems almost wonder.”

in addition, the Beta version of the Coin is also a lack of security protection, at the time of use, “need and cell phone via bluetooth connection, but, when the mobile phone bluetooth, Coin can still normal credit card. This means that it is not safe, one thousand lost my bank card? I sincerely hope that “companies can launch a new version of the Coin to solve this problem as soon as possible.

To summarize:

at this point, a little bit “is still unable to replace your wallet, maybe in the future it is possible to achieve this. If you are Wells Fargo’s client, then you can like me, ignore you have how much a debit card, because of the Wells Fargo bank debit card without charge. So far, the Beta version of the Coin can only let me throw away my Crisp membership card and American express (but that does not prevent my amazing) for this technology. Before I get new Coin, I decided to use hair rope tied “mobile wallet and I together. To be honest, I would prefer to use “rather than the traditional plastic card. If I invest $50 for the Beta version of the “project, the current Coin can hardly is a promising product.

so, the traditional plastic card – watch out! Don’t be replaced by electronic wallet carelessly really!


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