To facilitate students’ output? Good Minerva university $18 million investment in the future

good future domestic education science and technology enterprises (formerly known as learning and thought, the nyse code: XRS)) announced Minerva university to invest $18 million to the United States, according to the investment agreement, a representative of the good future will enter Minerva’s board of directors.

the wheel is the university of Minerva B round of funding, the total financing amount reached us $70 million. In addition to the good future, chung king group with very serious fund investment of $7 million. As the university in 2012, A round of the investor, in the silicon valley famous Benchmark capital and adding the additional investment.

Minerva university has been described as the traditional teaching mode, it is a unique innovative university education revolution, which was founded in 2012 by Minerva keck claremont college league members with the United States to set up a joint application (KGI) graduate school of life science, its founding team include former harvard President, America’s Treasury secretary and former Wharton principal, etc. Minerva university for four years, seven cities “globalization immersive experience, advanced technology platform to carry out the global famous interactive courses, with the global top institutions and a number of practice and employment support, really no geographical restrictions, no discrimination and low tuition threshold of global recruitment of students and so on four big advantage for college education brings a new experience. And the tuition costs only about a quarter of the most private university tuition. This year on September 1, Minerva university formally welcomed the first group of students.

good future Zhang Bangxin, chairman and chief executive, said: “Minerva’s very close to good future educational philosophy, the strategic investment with Minerva, built a bridge of education of China and the United States join the new, will provide the top students in China is at the forefront of innovation learning perspective. Adhering to the similar education idea, I’m looking forward to the two sides committed to the education of future, based on science and technology, the integration of Internet and education, all-round cooperation on a global scale, the common culture in line with the social development of top talent.”

good future positioning for a domestic technology and the Internet to promote the progress of education, the key business for through the small classes, personalized service, and network teaching before the three flexible teaching mode for school to provide comprehensive counseling service grade twelve students, at the same time also operates a leading Chinese parents community “parents”.

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