To evaluate the second generation Moto X: MOTOROLA admitted to “a”!

to be honest, at the beginning of the first generation of Moto X release, have appeared on the market some bad evaluation. But these critics quickly replaced by crazy love. Not because of how powerful this phone performance (in terms of configuration, is actually not strong), nor because it has let a person “dazzling” screen (qualify) at most. Those who are possessed of Moto X, because this is the first truly comprehensive customizable mobile phone. This kind of mobile phone to try from the aspect of software to improve the Android ecosystem, hope to add more practical. When you really get the phone, you will be very clearly aware that MOTOROLA’s giving the native Android icing on the cake, let users with the most pleasant experience.

the Droid series of MOTOROLA after launch, opens the high-end Android mobile trend. Since then, however, it has been obsessed with the upgrade of each year. Moto X launched last year, people seem to see the hope of MOTOROLA’s comeback. Now a year on, the ashes of the Moto X can match the other mobile phone giant. A new generation of X really is the winner? MOTOROLA really come back? Next I’ll moments.

hardware industrial design

because I personally prefer to industrial design, so I first is the hardware part of the experience. The second generation of Moto X feel is much better than last year’s model machine, what is my current contact feel is the most comfortable smart phones. On a mobile phone to receive the title is HTC One M8, but there are some factors make Moto X hold more comfortable.

the first is the curve of the MOTOROLA design concept. Moto X has a 5.2 inch size, 1080 p AMOLED screen, so its back is far greater than the previous version. Even so, in the hands grip the but thinner than the imagination, the feeling is very natural. Second, the thickest portion (near headphones, a 13000000 megapixel camera, dual LED flash and MOTOROLA’s trademark) is only 10 mm, slightly small than M8. And its edge although only about 3.8 mm thick, more amazing but than M8 slightly thicker. Although each person’s different size of the palm of your hand, but it can be a very good adapt to all kinds of size.

in addition to what we talk about feeling, MOTOROLA also rejected the first generation of Moto X full plastic decoration, in favor of the decoration in the phone’s edge ribbon (this is also used as antenna). You may not be able to imagine such a small metal opponents have so much influence. Although inconceivable, but that’s true. It gives the X more dense more high-grade feeling, plus the weight of the screen, give a person a kind of reliable heavy feeling, but its itself is not very heavy. On the surface of the third generation of gorilla glass is also in the edge bending, although it may be just a small design, but this kind of design for X looked like a seamless connection. Several times, I always inadvertently touch pocket X smooth edge. So, the details determine success.

we evaluation version is white Moto X, supporting a rear cover made of bamboo. The rest of the design is to pursue the minimalist style. In addition to the front-facing camera (2 million pixels) and four infrared sensors (black version on the naked eye cannot see), no additional decoration.

sleep/wake button and the volume button on the right, and the micro USB interface is focused on the mobile phone at the bottom edge. Like many flagship version of the mobile phone, Moto X using qualcomm quick charge 2.0 technology. At the same time, MOTOROLA said that the upcoming turbo-charged charger just 15 minutes more than eight hours. Feeling tired? Want to know now only a few charger can do this.

remember, this is the Moto X, will only change from what you think. Don’t like white? Think the wooden sucks? It doesn’t matter, your lucky you choose is the MOTOROLA. MOTOROLA and still as strong as before, so you do not lack of color, and material selection (including the very popular leather) from Chicago. With these options, you can create a belong to their own mobile phones.

of course, there are some parts you can’t see the tall. Such as qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset (hidden in the curved back). Want to know, thanks to the quad core 2.5 GHz processor, 2 gb RAM and 330 Adreno GPU, a new generation of Moto X can easily deal with all tasks. Later we will detail the performance of the Moto X.

later this month, you can buy a new generation of Moto X, the two versions have 16 gb and 32 gb. But it is recommended that you choose the 32 gb version, though still support SD card extension. MOTOROLA is still using the sealed, 2300 mah battery, however, that’s enough users use one day.

display and voice

720 p display is last year’s Moto X of a big failure, I had also did not expect the second generation of Moto X can have a qualitative leap. But this time MOTOROLA is using a 5.2 -inch AMOLED screen, the screen is the best I have seen this time smartphone screens.

the Moto X holds more adequate screen brightness for outdoor use. Even the viewing Angle is very good, when I almost vertical screen can see the details of the image. My only at a certain Angle to complain about a little reflective glass screen, so you have to reposition the mobile phone, in order to avoid distracting rainbow effect.

most phone manufacturers will not spend a lot of time to consider the speaker problem, but MOTOROLA is considered. Moto X only one speaker, on the most right-lower conner of the screen. But whether the size of the definition of the sound quality and volume is far beyond my expectation. , of course, this could just be a long time on the phone’s speaker not confident side effects. Although can’t achieve BoomSound sound quality, but I don’t think I would miss.

although MOTOROLA is not the only one using only one speaker manufacturers, but in the new generation of Moto G (not too expensive) on MOTOROLA is configured with two speakers. Obviously, the mobile phone do need some compromise so thin, but I still hope MOTOROLA will in the next generation of equipment, to break through the defects.


implanted those things mentioned in this paper by MOTOROLA (mostly in the form of application, a small number of specialized hardware) as the original Moto X better, although there are some drawbacks, but there are some changes. First it is worth noting that the Moto Display: it allows you to view the notice in the fastest way, unlock the screen directly related to the application of the interface. Is due to the use of the AMOLED screen, X can only start time and notification icon of pixels, so check the time and notice does not consume too much power. It can be classified as the most brilliant part.

it is worth noting that the second Moto Actions: this is related to four infrared sensor on the surface of the cell phone. Wave their hands quickly on the screen, can be silent calls, or wake up the screen to check the time and inform. But I hope that can be waved their hands in front of the screen can unlock the screen, just like magic, but this feature is not yet Moto X. Although constantly pointing to the mobile phone looks a bit dull, there may be some funny, but it’s become almost second nature to us.

centerpiece of this presentation is Moto X can listen to your voice command, even when close the screen. In the past you have to say “OK, Google” to your mobile phone orders, but now you can customize your own command statement. I’m a literally of person, so in the trial mistakes over and over again (if you don’t have enough syllables, “curse” might not be able to set), I decided to use humorous statement “Hey Moto, you there?” . Besides using speech using Google search, you can let the Moto X set alarm, warning, you can also post status on Facebook or WhatsApp. If you’ve used Google Now, so you may know need what kind of precision, but for me, use the Moto Voice doesn’t need any precision.

a week, I have been testing Moto X. When the mobile phone in your bag or hidden in a pile of clothes, I’ll use a voice to help me find a mobile phone. Due to the strong clues to the screen and voice, I can find the phone soon. Although when noisy environment or instruction is not correct phone won’t response, but 90% of the time X can still hear my command at one time. Taken together, this is not a bad shot.

a single view, every function is not perfect, but when used together, will give us a this is not just a piece of metal and silicon of the feeling of an object. As a personification of small tools, Moto X when processing tasks is more like an honest good assistant. And I don’t need to press button to communicate, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to black Siri.


so far, MOTOROLA has very good solve the problem early generation of Moto X, but still wasn’t up to my expectations in terms of the camera. A new generation of Moto X is equipped with 13 million pixels and dual LED circular flash cameras. When there is sunlight or lighting good when using the camera in the room, open the HDR mode will make your picture will still be striking colors and rich details.

although in good light conditions can still take good photos, but it takes a long time to wait for the camera focus correctly. I found that the best is the manual focus and exposure control, so you can totally rely on himself. If you want to open the flash light, you will find the LED ring will remove the dazzling light, but no flash Moto X is better than other flagship.

on the plus side, at 1080 p to film the video will be colorful, exposure, and can take up to 4 k resolution Moto X also video, but you must download the compatible file for full effect). Super simple camera interface is still a fool. Touch screen any place can be photographed, rather than have a fixed shutter button (of course, if you used to touch the focus may be a bit strange). Long started in the screen shot pattern, as long as the fingers left the screen will shoot.

you can slide the screen left side menu to try HDR, flash, rapid capture, low speed camera and slide setup, but the pursuit of professional camera man may be disappointed with the depth of the lack of professional application. However, professionals will not select the camera phones as a tool, after all, ha!

as an amateur’s got talent, I disappointed with Moto X’s front facing camera. Really bothers me is not the quality of the photo, but the delay phenomenon of mobile phone photo. Trajectory, I can see on the screen seems to be captured by a second picture before, and the focus is very annoying when the fuzzy picture.

Performance and battery life

original Moto X may be MOTOROLA’s flagship version, but because of the peculiar chipsets, it is not quite as glamorous as many competitors.

but not this time. In terms of raw performance, and the second generation of Moto X and the difference between other top smartphones is not very big. This is no surprise. After all, Moto X USES many like Galaxy S5 and One M8 high-end smartphones are used by qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip.

according to our benchmark, a new generation of Moto X data are leading in many ways. Although all of the world’s chip probably couldn’t make the Android version of Facebook more fluent, but almost nothing can hinder the strong courage. Whether Asphalt 8 those corner scene gallop to be beautiful, or start the application, Moto X remains a considerable degree of fluency.

although power support is very good, but we still have a question: what is the longest use X? In our standard for video life test (open WiFi but no connection, looping video), the second generation Moto X lasted for ten hours, 34 minutes. Although only a few minutes more than a Galaxy S5, but in the same conditions than HTC One M8 short for nearly an hour.

although you might not be very satisfied, but MOTOROLA still try our best to try to stay for a whole day. After a day of browsing the web, send text messages, Kindle reading, watching YouTube video and Google maps navigation, Moto X is still running. Need to be aware that some of the early generation of Moto X battery performance sometimes short of expectations, so the new generation of Moto X range mass shop goods also need to know.


so far, you have found that Moto X can rival One M8 and Galaxy S5. Both the equipment contract machine for $200, and 32 gb Moto X also is this price. Choose any one of the three won’t be disappointed, but they are indeed the advantages of each different.

if you like metal fuselage and is a music lover, so One M8 is suitable for you, because of its BoomSound speakers are the best on the market. Keen on camera? If you need a good camera, or don’t mind some fancy software, you can choose GS5.

if you want to be a good screen, then under the same price you can consider the G3 LG. Since the price of $199, there are so many brands to choose from, that Moto X with what let us pay for it? nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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