To enter the game consoles? Millet, tencent, or will bid for Ouya

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, including millet, tencent, China’s Internet technology giant, recently is open source host game system development with the United States and equipment manufacturers Ouya, acquisition negotiations. Although the two sides haven’t reached a substantial offer, but sources say that the technology giant hope through domestic host game market lifted “dongfeng”, enter the game host field.

Ouya is launched in 2013 games consoles, using a custom version of the Android system, is the first to open platform game. Product project in 2012, founded by senior professionals Julie Uhrman game, and invited the designer Yves Behar cooperation design projects and product manager Muffi Ghadiali together form a work team. Ouya within a month of time, through Kickstarter raised $7 million, finally for a total of $8.6 million development fund, once as the site have always longed for was the second fund-raising project. Development kits have been ship on the end of December 2012 to game developers. Ouya not only made his $99 game consoles, building hardware and software are also committed to the integration of open source host game ecosystem. Currently the platform has brought together more than 40000 developers, a total has more than 900 games.

after, millet and Ouya to discuss cooperation matters. If the successful cooperation, the Ouya platform of nearly 1000 TV host game is expected to be introduced in millet and millet boxes and other products.

Ouya Android in the field of strategy is to be the host of the game. Through an open, low-cost strategy to challenge Microsoft, SONY and nintendo. But unfortunately, Ouya market performance is not ideal. In view of this, for today’s news, hunting cloud network editor you think there are suspected of Ouya hype. However, we do not rule out the possibility of the bid.

first of all, millet and other people on the rush to make sitting room entertainment program, to avoid huge streaming media editorial policy risk, to host a game is a good idea;

second, host game market despite the relatively small, but high customer loyalty and spending power. This for tencent game such as “power”, is a very lucrative field. In view of the development of the domestic giant lack of game consoles and manufacturing experience, acquisition of a shortcut.

we will continue to pay attention to this event, for you to make a follow-up report.

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