To enter the enterprise software: samsung IBM duo to SAP that apple

in the wake of the development strategy of apple, samsung and enterprise software giant SAP also recently issued a joint statement, aims to establish extensive relations of cooperation, common mobile business software in the world. The blade is pointed out, to challenge after apple and IBM formation of the alliance.

joint statement pointed out that the partnership is based on samsung mobile innovation and brand influence and SAP’s leading mobile platform solutions “.

it is reported that samsung and SAP has embarked on developing a comprehensive mobile payment solutions, then with mobile payment emerging giants Apple Pay.

with the implement of the plan, for business customers, samsung will in its portfolio of wearable devices and mobile technology products to add new equipment, SAP also can provide customized security features and software.

however, samsung is still in its infancy in the field of mobile business software, especially the tablet PC market. By 2014, apple still dominate the tablet market, flat overwhelmingly superior network usage in North America.

a joint statement also pointed out that the samsung cooperation with SAP, also out of strategic consideration for the following two aspects: first, is samsung mobile equipment popularization; The second is the continuation of samsung’s debut performance in the field of Internet of things. In fact, samsung has been committed to the Internet of things construction layout, in July, has also been exposed acquired SmartThings company.

SAP chairman Steve Lucas (Steve Lucas) said in a statement: “nowadays more and more users away from the desk, the new work mode need to use the new way to manipulate the enterprise software. This requires enterprise software should not only keep up with the new trend of work patterns, and to provide users with mobile devices and wearable devices, Internet and other forms of mobile computing seamless experience. Through the cooperation with samsung, we launched a new plan, to provide users with mobile enterprise software high-end experience.”

the enemy? A friend?

samsung and SAP will first focus on the following key areas of cooperation: the retail sector and oil and gas fields. Retail field, integrating in wearable applications samsung devices and SAP marketing and enterprise resource planning (erp) software, can provides information about the inventory status and payment conditions, and enhance the user experience store; Oil and gas fields, upgraded version of the Galaxy tablet, there will be a SAP job application manager and site service.

in the financial sector, the companies would formed a partnership to develop mobile banking application and new equipment for the branch to handle business; In the medical industry, will also launch a directional software, set the performance analysis of SAP software “HANA” with samsung’s Android ecosystem.

samsung and SAP is a iot of ecological system and the high-tech prospects great try again and again and again. Nowadays, the major consumption equipment manufacturers are trying to seek partners in the field of enterprise services, trying to shoulder into the wider business field. Apple and IBM union pioneered the development of fusion, attracting more followers.

as “the world no eternal enemies, only permanent interests”, you might as well bold guess, in the near future, oracle technology giant, Google, Microsoft, may also establish cooperation in the field of business and consumer, let’s wait and see!


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