To count the stars of the cross-border investment in the Internet

cloud network hunting note: initiated by huang xiaoming, li bingbing, Ren Quan “Star VC” exposure for the first time investment projects, including the second shot and Korean clothing. Star cross-border investment in the Internet, it seems, is becoming a trend, in addition to the Star, VC, and the Star one foot standing in the Internet circles?

jet li

alibaba after U.S. IPO has hit a record in the United States, with ma close personal jet li but yo have ali original special existence, is can’t measure.

huang xiaoming

in 2008, huang xiaoming bought 5.4 million huayi 1.8 million shares. Only two years later by the shenzhen exchange, huayi hang dish for entering a billionaire. At the same time wealth boom and auteur feng xiaogang.

deng chao urged by rich wife, also played the investment. Cross-border IT when investors participated in the 360 main “dandelion business plan”, investment in mobile phone APP.

yu quan portfolio has voted for a number of mobile Internet project, and continues to observe whether there is worth for music products. He would vote for which projects? The first is a mobile game, the second is the APP album.

in 2005, yao boss spent $3 million investment in whale music network, the reason is just he likes music, and support the genuine.

the network game “eternal”, fan bingbing, investment and personally for the game.

jay Ucan investment social network.

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