To compete with facebook, Google led “cow” than Oculus virtual reality startup

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Google is preparing to led research and development of virtual reality technology and hardware development startup Magic Leap. Although the small company obscurity, but they have big company general cattle X slogan: “leading the industry development trend of the next 30 to 40 years, build level than ‘cinema’ virtual reality experience”.

it is said that Magic Leap of the financing will be up to $500 million, in addition to Google brought to vote, the investor includes the world’s top vc Andreessen Horowitz. Earlier this year, the company won a $50 million in financing.


although the two sides did not respond, but there are several details worth our attention:

first, Magic Leap technical advantage is that it can provide the “3 d virtual reality” effect. By adjusting the focal length, their technology and equipment for users to display the stereo effect of logistics (different Angle and depth of field). The company generated their technical level can achieve ‘cinema’, to resolve the similar product image is not clear, show the defects such as delay.

second, Magic Leap the sparrow is small, but it is definitely a talent. In April this year the company hired Brian Wallace, who is samsung’s “Next Big Thing,” one of the head, since he joined Google, as Google MOTOROLA department chief marketing officer. Founded the company CEO Rony Abovitz had earlier surgical robot company, and sells for $1.65 billion.

the third, the company also with the “Lord of the rings” trilogy, the gold film and television special effects team behind the Weta Workshop maintained a close relationship. The latter is the co-founder of Magic Leap of the board of directors.

4, there are rumours that Google investment Magic Leap is the result of the company’s technology can be applied to “has almost no one to love” Google glasses products.

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