To build a B2B version of Google, Mattermark enterprise intelligence engine to do

cloud network hunting note: Mattermark another round of financing for $6.5 million, strive to build for B2B version of Google. The company established a large number of accurate and structured data, for the majority of investors and enterprises provides valuable information, build a bridge between the two.

, a business intelligence from the Referly website, and Referly won YC support. Mattermark recently announced, has raised $6.5 million, and development for the construction of the money used to be “B2B version of Google.

on the Internet, many people search for company information are mostly piecemeal mixed and disorderly and had no points of primary and secondary. And Mattermark create structured data resources, to help these users. , according to the Foundry Group investors Brad Feld Mattermark “in the ordinary things found valuable hidden information”.

Feld, as A member A round of funding, the company has joined the board of Mattermark. At the same time, this round of financing lead to financing from Mattermark totalled $11.3 million.

Mattermark was founded in 2013, founded in San Francisco. Initially aimed at their own “backyard” is committed to providing the information support, the support for VC information trading members and other members of the business, and the use of “big data” development signal platform in real-time monitoring and better predict impending event, which saves a lot of time for the user.

in the beginning of establishment, the company co-founder Danielle Morrill, said: “I think we can’t partition of investors and entrepreneurs to establish contact, but we believe we can help them to seize the opportunity, reduce the risk of missed opportunities.”

development to today, it still is one of the great part of the company. However, this round of funding will be used in more expanded scale, covering a wider range of potential customers and business scenarios. Morrill also said: “finance funds will be more applied to expand the world’s commercial information flow, and the development is based on software automation and machine learning.

Mattermark does not release its revenue data, but said existing 500 corporate clients. These clients include: risk investment, marketers, commercial and investment Banks, commercial real estate, enterprise development, private equity, hedge funds and consulting firms. The company service itself tracking more than 100 m enterprises.

Mattermark has great development potential in the future, based on the 100 enterprise development, it attracted Feld and other investors. Said in a statement, Feld: “by the contents of the collected information into structured data, Mattermark are turning science into business deals. And we are very happy to be able to join them, to catalog of the world’s more than 2.5 billion enterprises.”

in addition to the Foundry Group as A leading investment relationship, to participate in A round and after several investors, but Mattermark has not announced specific.

at present, the company is hiring, the goal is to help them establish a big data can and will be the company’s talent concept.

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