To ask a lawyer: quick legal release APP vertical legal questions and answers

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hunting cloud network coverage has introduced new ask a lawyer.

fast forensic services the reed of the start-ups in the entrepreneurial life cycle of a line “non-litigation legal services”. Present form is standardization and lightweight. New to ask lawyer walk is also light patterns. Online light legal q&a APP, at present only the IOS version.

this way, the design feel is important for startups. To ask a lawyer at the beginning of the application to movie: “light flow for 20 years, if you have any private lawyer then TA.” For example, the “the killer is not too cold” the shawshank redemption “forrest gump” different movie ending scene. To show people if in need of a timely legal help the how important it is! Warm and sweet.

but life is more complicated than the film too much, legally there is hope. User to ask a lawyer consultation questions – lawyers online FAQ – users receive reply further consultation, evaluation of a lawyer. Because to ask lawyer positioning is light legal questions and answers, so legal issues related to the light legal advice. You can see doctor it into legal version of spring rain. But its on lawyers also is light mode. A complete service chain haven’t show a prototype.

to ask a lawyer is it legal for mobile client try early personalized legal questions and answers. Quick justice in PC has good startup services. But for individuals and businesses to the scene on the mobile end laws haven’t meet the demand. To ask a lawyer is seen as a lack of this scenario.

and similar products, to ask a lawyer is different is that the law ask service in addition to the lawyer, do you want to be the future of lawyers “cloud law firm.”

to ask a lawyer
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