Tissot push “local tyrants mountaineering enthusiasts” smart watches, for $1200

Casio, Seiko and Citizen watch manufacturers launched smart watches, the Swiss watch industry to this outcry. In the face of competition, the Swiss watch manufacturers Tissot dare to advance, Tissot T – Touch series products. The Tissot recently launched a new watch, this smart watches the biggest characteristic is “your”) (compared to other similar products.

the latest Tissot T – Touch Solar Expert is a smart watches for outdoor enthusiasts, combined with the high-tech features, the wearer simply Touch the screen, you can start the different functions. This watch with a built-in compass, timer, pressure gauge, altimeter, and high precision thermometer, compared with T – Touch other products series, Solar Expert intelligent watches in dial added Solar cells, can solve the problem of charging users. The most interesting is the compass function, when the user clicks on a dial after corresponding function area, whose hands quickly arranged in a straight line as two Pointers, then with the changes in the direction of rotation.

T – Touch series of products has always been a climber’s best partner, but whether it is the rubber band products of $1150 or $1250 metal strap products, prices are clearly too expensive. Compared with Casio’s most expensive Pro Trek products for $200, users can enjoy similar function for $200, while Suunto and Citizen’s products in addition to similar functions also have GPS time setting function, the price is under $1000.

I always on the watch is very picky, but T – Touch series product low-key appearance and unique interface to my heart, no matter when and where the wearer can use with your fingertips to enjoy the convenience of high-tech and fun. Though equipped with solar cells has greatly enhanced the watch battery life, but the pricing is not greatly improved, Tissot don’t add other solar products price also is as high as $1200. Consumers enjoy such high-end smart watch if want to low price, can only be online for second-hand watches.

Tissot T – Touch Solar Expert dial is 45 mm, 43 mm watch is a little older than before, not very suitable for wrist wear thinner consumer, but the series of orange strap can be said to be the original T – the one big characteristic of Touch products. Overall T – Touch series product size, lightweight, durable, although for the professional outdoor sports, less functional, appearance is not as good as Casio. But as a collection of altimeter, barometer, compass for the integration of smart watch, is the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts.


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