Tired of playing with pat: images, video games for the role play

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if you have been unable to find pleasure in spelling software on the face of face, tired of the magic also the camera turned themselves into comic books. Then you can try another stir. Change your own entertainment application scenario. Jump out from the images to video.

stir is a big head video production application. Simply speaking, in the face and the user by your own or another’s image can be implanted industries, amused, blessing, parody, the divine comedy, and so on the different video content.

user is very simple, take pictures, choose hair style, choose the video template, the output video and share it directly.

use head to deduce all sorts of characters and plots, the user into the scene in the video image is actually innovative entertainment. To make products of the core is really on the accumulation of the team. Technology in addition to the head, is at the core of how the character image into the video scene, the scene will not make the person has noisy jerky.

hunting cloud network understanding, make belong to big brother culture communication co., LTD in shenzhen’s products. Team after the development of UG video to specialise in the wedding industry business online video production system. In 2013, launched its online video production platform 99 mv. Simple: using avatars for specific video scene, multi-purpose at the wedding video, baby to grow up, video CARDS, etc. So on the scene image fusion, the team has a strong technical accumulation.

in addition to the head, make a video scene is also very important, so the copyright problem that nots allow to ignore. Make template will shoot video scene based on entertainment hot spots continue to update, but so far these templates from more professional video provider. Team, said in the future as far as possible to avoid low quality video or encountered copyright pressure, make film has already started to work with designers to jointly launch video scene. Now make take hangzhou bay angel angel investment, have been obtained.

to amuse take
Company: shenzhen big brother culture communication co., LTD.

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