Time the auction: who pay for your time

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auction time ideas, from buffett’s lunch charity auction, participate in the bidder with the highest price can take lunch with buffett, income all donated to a charity auction. Since then, auction time concept was endowed with meaning.

shi yuzhu is the first celebrity to participate in the auction, he to his entrepreneurial experience as an incentive to attract many auction bids and shi yuzhu dialogue for three hours. This allows more participants want to meet with him, talking to. And shi yuzhu dialogue for three hours, pay is money, but the harvest is far more than money can measure. As the saying goes “listen to gentleman a words, bullet hole in my head,” say is this truth. Li-fen wang also said that after the auction, in the case of consent of the parties, will be announced in time what they talked for 3 hours this, share with all the wealth of the rare. But only this auction can be spread among a few people, the high price of bidding will block the participation of many people enthusiasm.

may auction at a right price to people who want to see, fan elite from the conversation between elite is no longer limited to celebrities such as buffett, do good as long as you are in a certain industry, the value of your time is for sale. Auction is a special time for everyone to sell their knowledge, skills, experience and resources platform, can say, travelling is a face-to-face conversation. Main users focused on some entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprise executives, big and middle management of the enterprise, well-known institutions of investors, senior media person and the financial, legal, HR, management consulting industry professionals.

current site four modules, respectively is: browse the guest, recommend guest, creation date, I want to meet. Users not only can launch a no clear target date, waiting for someone else to pay for an appointment, can also launch a goal-oriented date, pay for the appointment. For example, if the user want to auction time to launch a 2 hours of online dating, so users can give yourself the two hours to shout out a price, and then wait for the people who are interested in dating to bid for their own time. In the end, may decide to launch date, to the highest bidder qualification for the appointment.

so, what will have how many people will pay for the sake of your time? It all depends on the value of the user. Auction time is not only famous people realize their value, and communication platform, is also the ordinary people opportunity platform. The user can make an appointment with like-minded people, or on the web site, looking for common entrepreneurs to search for a partner. Because each person has a more or less the value of all have different aspects of the accumulation of wealth, have their own knowledge to share, would, of course, also there are some people are willing to pay for their time, achieve win-win situation on both sides. And auction success after each transaction, the website will take 20% as commission.

time auction, the founder of convective cloud network, said: “both my partner and I had an entrepreneurial experience, the biggest problems in the process of entrepreneurship is that when you have a lot of what you don’t understand the question, not the right person I can give you a most suitable for your answer, not only in the field of entrepreneurship, other areas, whether students or workplace, there will be consulting requirements, so we did.”

it is understood that time of the auction is relatively high-end user groups, very professional, social demand is very strong in their business. Time auction to pay social philosophy, in the lineup to social networking websites is accounted for a night. To spend money and you meet a stranger, the first is the affirmation of the value of you, and do sufficient preparation. On their own to buy the two hours of time, believe that knowledge is the full development of human resources, supply and demand is a clever combination of each other should be.

at present, the time the auction had won A angel, hope to find A round of funding as soon as possible. But similar fan social elites, sustainability and market prospect are further validation.




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