Tick list, a cloud cross-platform synchronous personal task management apps

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click listing of launched in September this year, is a cross-platform to-do lists and tasks reminder App cloud synchronization. Tick list are designed to help users to complete the backlog, record and synchronous task of work and life anytime and anywhere, you can dexterity, clear management of each task, in order to better planning and time to arrange the life.

click list, is actually a to-do (Todo) listing management artifact – TickTick launched a Chinese version. Learned, launched in 2013 by GNotes team TickTick, Google Play abroad and domestic of pea pods, treasure and millet and so on more than 10 mainstream application market statistics, the average rating of TickTick in 4.5 above, and under single load calculation, TickTick are already closing in millions of users worldwide. About the launch of the tick list, founder Yuan Jun convective cloud network, “we don’t have to play games, do business that profitable areas, primarily we have believed to promote the efficiency of the reasonable use of time and bring people’s value is very big, this is a very meaningful thing.”

the launch of the Chinese version of tick list, what is the unique function? Open the tick list App, blue and white background color, concise interface, simple operation, let originally trivial things can settle in tick list of pure and fresh and natural interface. Tick list can realize cross-platform synchronous cloud, Android, iOS, web version perfect sync saves, seamless switch; Cycle reminded, flexible powerful cycle task reminds, task arrangement is scientific and reasonable; Listing clear classification, use the way such as classification, labels, priority, under the main task to generate the subtasks, listing be clear at a glance, the task becomes clear hierarchy; Can together with friends and colleagues to complete the task, and can assign tasks to others, tick list can also subscribe to a third party calendar task easily, let the user try reading more.

meanwhile, tick list optimized for speech and map recognition, increase the localization of functions, such as the lunar calendar has supported QQ and sina micro boden recorded at the same time. For the user, data privacy is a problem that nots allow to ignore. From tick list website privacy statement can see, the Chinese version of the same user privacy in the first place, with the international version to comply with the same privacy policy.

at present, tick list use crowd mainly for the enterprise staff, middle managers, students, and to improve efficiency through the tool and the management of time. Tick list of the most common usage scenarios as the user’s to-do list, you can use it to generate, such as the study plan, work plan, book, shopping list list, travel and entertainment, etc., in addition to this, you can also record the ideas of his own, for example, anytime and anywhere to remind my family and friends birthday, such as buying goods all future tasks.

in the field of GTD, Todo, tick list also faces from Wunderlist, Any. Do many competition, such as GTD tool inevitably homogeneity problem also. Currently there is no essential difference in similar software functions, and the user experience and thoughtful product design is the fundamental law of survival. Tick list follow the humanized product logic, convenient user experience, for example, tick list about sliding switch can have a list, complete and archiving, setting priorities, set expiry time list and mobile operations, is very convenient. Tick listings by big data analysis, time prediction, and then apply the results to the little function, can according to user’s current time for the change of the intelligent.

TickTick server, it seems, is located in the United States, causing domestic users access to data is slow; Tick list TickTick transformation, and the combination of the local service is not enough, to some extent, restrict the use of Chinese users. Since international edition TickTick and Chinese tick list online, at present overall users close to millions. Yuan Jun said, “we will be committed to a better product experience, to help users easier to record and complete the task, to help users to better manage their work and life, and are exploring more possible business models in the future.”

click list

time: in September 2014,


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