Through DNA matching (gun) application Singld Out of date

there are a lot of or even hundreds of dating methods can help you find your partner might be. But rarely seen by two women, create the founder of the “biological compatibility” as a standard to match her way of dating.

Singld meet Out to build a new pair, it seeks love for busy people (of course, can also be about gun needs) provides a platform. It not only relies on a photo look at faces, persuade them to go on a blind date.

we all know what pictures showed is not necessarily true. People meet for the first time usually wrap themselves great. But Singld is Out looking for something more important than appearance, by the user’s DNA test (a simple saliva test) to measure the compatibility between (character matching degree).

Singld Out not only to the user through the personality test match (the company described as “high precision”), also with the help of the “instant chemistry” biological compatibility. Their genetic code by observing certain parts of the human body, including the human leucocyte antigen system and the serotonin transporter gene and so on, for matchmaking.

by understanding the chemical composition of our bodies, Singld Out claim that we can have a better way of genes, more appropriate to match couples together.

here is the site of the official introduction:

research shows that, with different immune system genes couples give birth to children are more likely to successfully defend against infections. But not only scientific evidence points to the children has a strong immune system, studies have shown that these couples enjoy a more satisfying sex, greater stability of the marriage to boost birth rates, and have more attraction for each other.

but for same-sex couples? Singld Out believe their biological test applies to gay, and they have the same as heterosexual couples test precision.

Singld Out is a company from scratch in San Diego, now, they focus on the domestic market before leaving San Diego moved to a bigger city.

you can register now to use the service, they will send you a DNA test kit. When you accept and use the result need about two days later can come out.

you can sign up for a free trial of personal service, or registered members get free DNA testing. Charge is $199 for three months, six months is $299, but the company is issued a limited-time discount rate.


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