Though I gave up the WP, but I’m still WP party

I have to admit that I really like the iPhone 6. In fact, this is my now the only commonly used equipment. WP first appeared in 2010, I started to use WP, but soon I gave up, again into iOS users.

I am a Microsoft domain observers (TheVerge editor), over the years I kept switched systems used in Android, iOS, and WP, to try new applications and learning about how each platform. But now, WP has been I abandoned. I are not alone, my colleague Ed Bott also gave up the WP, the competition between Microsoft focus on iOS and Android that ignores its loyal customers. In this year’s version 8.1 update to the Microsoft WP made some important changes, but, like many of the newer version before, I’m still waiting for the new change, but now I don’t want to wait.

mobile applications are changing the world, but behind the WP

as a result of the application, Microsoft on the mobile phone business behind. Although there are more than 500000 WP party think Microsoft platform application, but most popular application on iOS and Android platform does not appear on the WP platform. In them, for example, it launched on WP platform for a year provided support video recording, so far no update to the most basic function. This proud of taking pictures, publicity of the company in the camera platform is unthinkable. The great irony is that when Microsoft sets in last month, the first news is video.

I have been on the application of the WP lack of disappointment, but as the gap is gradually increasing, a new problem appeared, death. Maybe developers have created more and more WP application, but it is usually a few who the best application update new features. This is a big problem, often on iOS and Android platform like Twitter update new features, but these updates has never appeared on the WP. During the World Cup this year, when Twitter of the people’s passion for the game, WP but I was disappointed. When using the WP version of the official Twitter application I had some feeling abandoned, because there is no special module for the World Cup on WP version, I cannot create fun interesting tweets, or in the country’s flag.

this lost feeling still exist in other places. I use iPhone Dark Sky to remind me it’s going to rain, or the use of Slack and Trello communicate with colleagues. WP application all have no, all three want to know when you prepare to go in the bar, Dark Sky can give you a push if it will rain for the next half an hour’s notice, the notice allows you to decide whether to stay and have another cup of beer or was poured into a drowned rat. For as I am concerned this is a very important application, the application is also one of many application can change the world.

WP also Citymapper no, I will use this application for public transport in London navigation. It changed my work to meet friends or means of transport. Without it, I may not in time to do the bus, or can’t weigh the choice of different means of transport. WP no Snapchat and Tinder, although I am not often use, but they have changed the way we communicate and social.

third-party applications to WP

select third-party applications can make up for the shortcomings of the official application, but they run unstable or not quickly update official functions. Rudy Huyn is an experienced WP developers, he is committed to developing the unofficial third party applications. Although Microsoft recently call Huyn WP developers have passion, a success, but his success can only further illustrate the application of gap problem. Top WP developers didn’t like many independent game developer to develop unique applications (such as photo editing applications like VSCO Cam), and simply imitate those in platform can’t get the official application development. Without these killer apps, WP can only be dying. Even if applied to Microsoft’s own iOS and Android platforms, is better than the WP. This is also one of the reasons for me to change my platform.

in addition to the application, I am also disappointed at there not having been good WP flagship version of the equipment. The company in 930 is too heavy, HTC One M8 camera is bad, the company 1520 is too big for me. In many ways, the iPhone 6 I expected for a high-end WP level: light, good camera and good design (as long as don’t bend). Microsoft has been focused on low cost mobile phones that have not been able to properly treat the flagship version of WP, “McLaren” equipment is evidence was cancelled.

despite the obvious shortcomings, but I still love the WP. New updates might be a little slow, but obviously, Microsoft has been careful to ensure that all the new features are added after deliberate. WP design to ensure that it can run in a variety of hardware can be very good, and that is exactly what the Android thorny problems recently. About the advantages of WP countless, for many people, this is enough. But the application is changing the world, only it fine to get perfect experience.

Win 10 can help alleviate this situation?

although I personally to use the iPhone, but if Microsoft can give me what I want to see the quality of the application on the flagship version of WP, that I was very happy to change back. WP platform Android applications may lead to a cure, but also could be a blackberry. Let’s see what Win 10 January!


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