This year the holidays don’t accept a gift, gift took these health bracelet

cloud network hunting note: people ugly should read more books, fat people should exercise more. Now more and more people no longer pursued superficial bony slim, but striving for a more fit and healthy physique, so fitness bracelet is a standard. The following issues, fitness bracelet to buy what? Hunting cloud network editor jun to give you the answer!

don’t think to buy healthy bracelet is a piece of cake.

although on the surface, all health bracelet features are mostly the same: calculate your intake of calories, measuring the distance you can run, monitor the quality of your sleep. But in some ways, fitness bracelet is far better than the other. Below we will inventory analysis is one of the best on the market a few fitness hand ring, and analyze the characteristics between them, and to want the year-end buying health bracelet users, to provide some Suggestions.

Basis Peak : the most accurate monitoring sleep quality

the Basis Peak also provides such as caller id, such as text messages usually appear in the smart watches on the basic functions, but its main forms and health bracelets.

Peak can calculate your intake of calories, record how many steps you go away, measure your heart rate, but this all doesn’t consider as what, it’s real strength lies in sleep tracking function. How long have you slept in monitoring, the Basis Peak will also be able to tell you is during rem sleep, deep sleep stages or shallow sleep stages. He can write down you wake up of time, or even how many times you tossing and turning during sleep. Than other health tracker to more accurately, you can also according to the data to better grasp your sleep cycles.

price: $199

Jawbone UP24 : with the most delicate food record bracelet

compared with those of other fitness bracelet Jawbone UP24 more fine and smooth. But it is a price, since it itself is not a display screen, so you can’t lower the head to glance at you know what time is it now or you have how many calories consumed. Although the Jawbone fitness bracelets bracelets and other health has a lot of similarities, such as they can monitor the quality of your sleep, calculate your intake of calories, measuring the distance you run, and so on, but it has a great advantage of well – food record system.

Jawbone database contains a large number of local food information, so you just move two fingers can accurately record the meal to eat something. This system also includes the most common food collocation (for example, smoked meat and eggs), so that you don’t separate records one by one to eat.

price: $79.99

Fitbit Charge : with a screen of the bracelet in the “leading”

if you are going to start with a more economical than Peak with screen health bracelets, so Fitbit Charge will be your best option. Its excellent comfort, even if you day and night with it also won’t feel any discomfort. In addition, it is also very convenient to use, because most of the information on the screen at a glance.

not only affordable, Fitbit Charge and its another edge, it can calculate how much did you climb the stairs. Charge is for our call screening function, when someone call you will know that the first time. Of course, it is not like the Jawbone in food record system has complete information, also don’t like the Basis Peak can measure your heart rate and collect and analyze information, your sleep cycle but in terms of price, the Charge has been doing very well.

price: $129.95

Misfit Flash : quality guaranteed “parity” bracelet

extremely cheap Misfit Flash is also very convenient to use, you can freely put it on clothes or wear on your wrist like a watch. Although its function is not competitive as its expensive as full partners (no heart rate monitor, cannot record of stairs, also does not have any screen can display the calorie), but the basic function is from soup to nuts. It can take down distance, calories burned, sleep quality, etc. The specially-engineered watches can also through the security a circle of luminous point on the bracelet to show you the schedule of the day.

just a regular watch battery, the battery can last 6 consecutive months. It is good news, because lazy if I can have a long time don’t have to change the battery.


Jawbone Up Move : best entry-level intelligent bracelets

and Misfit Flash has the same effect, the Jawbone Up Move can record of stairs, the number of calories consumption, walking distance, sleep quality, can also be casual wear on your wrist or clip on clothes. It can both waterproof and battery can be charge life 6 months at a time.

however, similar again there will be differences. Applications within the Jawbone bracelet bring both information and insight are much more powerful than a Misfit. Despite the Misfit products can be automatically connected to the MyFitnessPal, but its information system have not as perfect as the Jawbone to the small details of everyday life.


Nike Fuelband SE : let you and friends of sports bracelets

a new Nike Fuelband SE skills – it can be set to nag model, namely every hour to remind you to up and move around. For sedentary office worker, this is the Gospel.

Fuelband another special place is that it can synchronize your Facebook friends list, so that you can compared with other people using Fuelband (don’t worry, shows the result is optimized oh). Nike’s built-in application also support you will group, which is the uniqueness and other fitness applications.

based on the buyer’s feedback, we found that it has a fatal weakness, is to sleep tracking ability is limited, don’t mind people safely to obtain it.

price: $99

Withings Pulse O2 : can measure blood pressure, but also when your virtual fitness coach

Withings Pulse O2 screen is bigger, so just use it like a watch. Compared with similar products, it provides more accurate comprehensive health data. It can not only measure your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, such as records of stairs, the height, the consumption of calories, monitoring the basic function such as sleep quality, too many.

would you please put the pocket monitor is away from the strap, so you can put it on clothes. Withings application software has been acclaimed HealthMate: when you reach a certain stage of the target, he will give you real-time feedback to tell you how far is from the next target. And Jawbone built-in application of similar HealthMate can urge you to exercise every day.

however, it is not perfect. Withings Pulse O2 is not waterproof, so I have to be careful when you wear.

price: $119

Garmin Vivosmart : outward appearance fine, powerful bracelets

Garmin Vivosmart delicate appearance, simple. Although it is the nature of a healthy bracelets, but it has a smart watches the same function. Similar to Nike Fuelband, if you will sit for too long in one place, it’s “mobile status bar” will remind you stood up and walk around.

however, it is also not so universal. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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