This year, investors areas not to be missed

cloud network hunting note: partners China zhang ying, founder of the open letter sparked heated debate, zhang ying at capital market bubble in the letter, suggest that entrepreneurs can early financing, for food for the winter. This year, so, for investors, what are the notable business field?

the author: Sun Shi source: tencent technology

recently, matrix partners partner zhang ying to warp/weft is CEO mail the letter. Zhang ying in the letter mainly revealed two information:

1, 2014, China’s early TMT investment and financing market, and all the mainstream funds in investment projects, crazily before less common tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in financing have become very common.

2, the heat of the capital market will turn cold, whether or not a bubble, startup must be prepared to buck the trend.

heading into the fourth quarter of 2014, tencent technology combed the January 2014 – September domestic technology companies financing situation, take a look at what is the future of the capital market in the eyes of science and technology industry.

new concept popular

tencent technology found that this year there are three emerging in the field of science and technology companies are concerned by the investment company: the Internet finance, online education and car rental/car/taxi, as shown in the figure below:

commotion of the capital market: new concept Tens of millions of dollars into the norm Part of the Internet financial corporate finance (tencent technology illustrated)

 commotion of the capital market: new concept Tens of millions of dollars into the norm

part of the rental/car/taxi companies financing (tencent technology illustrated)

disturbance of capital markets: a new concept by holding tens of millions of dollars into normal

part of the online education company financing (tencent technology illustrated)

can be seen from the diagram, in the year to September, in has already announced or exposure of financing, the financial sector has 14, online education has 10, nine car rental/car/taxi. According to its official financing amount, the financing of the 33 companies, more than $100 million level five, 15.15% of the total, the level of tens of millions of dollars more than 17, 51.51% of the total, more than million dollar level the company has four, 12.12% of the total, the rest of the company’s financing amount not disclosed.

can be seen from the above statistics, the level of tens of millions of dollars of investment has become the norm in this year’s financing scale, accounting for half or more of the share, the domestic capital market pay enough attention to these emerging technology industry.

vertical electrical contractor popular

as the platform class pattern of electricity has been clear, vertical electric business seems to be the electric company, the only way out. In 2010, 2011, is the golden age of vertical electrical business capital, almost all have large vertical electric business financing and advertising, however, since the second half of 2011, has experienced a collective “winter” the hard times, in capital cooling conditions, such as shoes and some other vertical electrical traders seem to have been marginalised. But starting this year, the vertical electric business again been paid great attention in the capital markets, as shown in the figure below:

 disturbance of capital markets: a new concept by holding tens of millions of dollars into normal

some electricity company financing (tencent technology illustrated)

you can see from the picture, this year has 15 home appliance business financing company success. In addition to the platform class electricity postal company and provide solutions for electricity company of km network, other are vertical electrical contractor, including the mushroom street, temple library, I buy nets, every guest above the level of hundreds of millions of dollars of financing, and also the financing level of tens of millions of dollars more than six.

but in the back of a vertical electric business hot, is “undercurrent”. In an interview earlier this year, told a local investment tecent science and technology, this year will see a lot of vertical electric chamber of commerce was acquired, or by taking a stake in, and this is their last chance.

the investment personage points out, these sites have a common problem, namely the income while in 5-1.5 billion yuan between, but not make money, at the same time continue to the financing cost is not low, plus the repeat purchasing power is not enough to support a profit of the company. So, in this kind of company this year may be traditional platforms, and buy complement the latter category.

the pessimistic investors even pointed out that the electricity if this year have not been bought, there are likely to collapse.

investment company next object: catering takeout?

restaurant O2O concept and the connotation has become more and more rich, at present, China’s catering market more molding O2O forms include group purchase, delivery, booking order, etc. Take-out restaurant O2O field in nearly a year be discussed the most market segment, is considered to be after buying food in the field of the next flashpoint strong demand, because of this, take-away is particularly favored by the capital market, as shown in the figure below:

 disturbance of capital markets: a new concept by holding tens of millions of dollars into normal

some catering takeout financing (tencent technology illustrated)

this year get financing delivery site is not much, but the level of tens of millions of dollars or more, it shows that the capital market for the future development of this field is quite promising, and FMCG information service providers to the mintel report also underlines that from the side: Chinese fast food and take-away food market scale is expected to reach 1.8 trillion yuan in 2017.

for now, baidu, ali, tencent and other Internet giant successively in different ways, in the order in the market, it will more or less to small and medium enterprises in the market. But the personage inside course of study thinks, because the delivery industry increasingly serious homogeneity, outside sell order platform model derived on the basis of the unique needs for special customers ordering goods, timely delivery market will have a bigger development space, this is probably the most want to see the capital market.

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