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hunting cloud network on October 30 (text/teng tree g)

every television endlessly replay of the provinces and regions when the weather forecast, I immediately thought of DE Jiang Lancheng classic sketch stage management of the smart series that lady in the opening of the imitation, fo lines, it is to use broadcast out ballad singing master ChanTianFang accent that “hot and cold love a cold, overcast rain know how. Me a today, the weather situation applauded (attention catching block) and the forecast “.

if you are not afraid to expose the age, so sure there will be a lot of the guest officer has had experience as much as I do, every day sitting on the sofa with my parents to see the most TV programs if not news broadcast is must be the weather forecast.

it is no wonder that, as the intelligent terminal is blossoming, we obtain the weather now the basic way of public information has been more and more, in addition to the traditional platform timing and pored over television and radio, and we are ubiquitous LED advertising version of the additional subtitles, o in tablet phone even wearable devices such as smart watches, the worst of the worst and push SMS and has almost no one will use premium audio telephone and so on the way, we can all get form and weather forecast.

and it is worth mentioning that for advanced machine geek, we is also home to see HTC SENSE UI with visual interface weather started quickly, and then see a lot of app outsourcing group from imitators entry and then eventually grow up to become mature and distinctive weather application team, such as via “weather”, “ink weather” and “China weather expert” and so on many home.

at the same time, we also see a lot of desktop beautification program also integrates the fine weather weight, such as “Next desktop”, “.spb 3 d desktop “, etc. But it’s not that simple, today’s leading role is filled as a molecular cloud network of hunting, recommend to everybody must be high-end goods.

dangdang when, please welcome today’s blockbuster, Tempe scope.

the machine has appeared on the CEATEC Japan’s biggest technology show, as a debut, the pretty cool Tempe product scope has attracted considerable attention, its research and development team in the surveyed claimed that the equipment can “directly in your living room for visual display” a variety of changes in the weather.

the above is the video demonstration of the machine, is filled with hardships I found no damn advertising and waiting for A link, please reader to hunt cloud network tree g teng with warm applause, thank you.

through integration of video introduction and related information, we can know, this machine can be translated into a sealed 5 d miniature movie theater, its operation principle, but also can achieve the result of grace is not complicated. Called Tempescope equipment, it consists of a water pump, spray, a set of colorful LED lights and a Arduino microcontroller, all of these are placed in a transparent acrylic plastic box.

Tempe scope to establish wireless connection with PC in network, is expected to support future smart phones) and obtain the corresponding weather information, and then through the water in its own seal oblong body and ultrasound to simulate all kinds of weather conditions (such as sex fog), at the same time, installed at the top of the LED lights can also simulate the lightning or sunshine visual.

the processing of detail, the LED light from red to blue to reflect the change of temperature, while the diffuser will use the fog is full of boxes, imitate outdoor level of cloud cover. If you encounter rain, will pump water from the bottom of the receiver pumped in, let the water dripping down from the top Tempescope. It even mild discharge on both ends is used to represent the lightning during the storm.

the device in standby rather save electricity, and its noise and power consumption can be neglected, which makes the user, if really able to mass production, use her into a kind of pleasure and enjoy to please the eyes and mouth.

this is full of Japanese aesthetic equipment Tempe scope creator is a team of Japanese technology curtilage, according to the Japanese call below will be for my generation refers to “all three”. All three said the project was spent several years of research and development independently, have been able to work steadily, mass production can be foreseen.

so far, three people the euphemistically said rain or shine to the regular weather such as snow and rain thunder wind simulation has been mature, in the hail of special weather conditions such as simulation still needs further research and development of debugging.

this equipment has the real-time synchronous display and advance forecast simulation two display mode, but still will be subject to network signal, so ask me why not pull open curtain of students and students of digital extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder, please ignore the location of the device of intelligent household act the role ofing is tasted. Under the premise of aesthetic feeling in priority, we are also very worried about the prospects of the equipment into China after, on the one hand is the server of over the wall and the ladder, on the other hand, americans treat Japanese goods don’t know what love or hate? Although the relationship and use experience don’t have much too much, but still is the important factor to consider.

but on the whole, the neon peoples: what’s the weather like in new skills seems to be good, three people the tip of a party, another team neon development team said today will have to try on the holographic projection takee machine visualization simulation of weather on the third party app development. We are happy to see such a good news, the venture capital market in a new wave of angry.

the design concept of this product, after all, to find, feel right, we will look forward to, isn’t it?


in the end, breakfast again bring benefits. Since today is to please the eye of new skills, then filled today everybody is cheerful ears senior gege.

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