This is the truth? Skip Win9 into Win10 is difficult due to technical conflict

recently, Microsoft’s first on the 10 Windows operating system and provide the preview. The “preview”, the most surprising news is that the next generation operating system since Windows 8 and not let Windows 9, but directly named Windows 10.

according to the history of Microsoft practice, this version of the operating system, should be named as “Windows 9”.

why Microsoft break the convention, made all kinds of analysis technology press speculation. One view, Microsoft is so named, is that I wish to show that the operating system versions from the Windows 8 made great improvement and renewal, so “rallied for two levels”, can manifest the value of the innovation of the new system.

however, this analysis does not stand. In fact, in the media briefing, Microsoft executives responsible for system demonstration also made it clear that Windows 8 in touch controls have not completed the balance on the keyboard and mouse control, the new system to make a change.

10 Windows system, there are more traditional Windows 7 users familiar interface. The characteristics of the system of “back to the ancient”, more than innovation.

recently, multi-industry IT the personage inside course of study on Twitter and media pointed out that Microsoft skip “Windows 9” the most important reason – and more than a decade ago technology conflicts between the release of Windows 95 and Windows 98.

many personage points out, in the development of some software, used to check the operating system version, using related function and Windows 95 and Windows 98, and “Windows 9” character in front of some consistent, considering the development of application software are not comprehensive, thus will lead to errors and problems.

in other words, judging the programmer, if in the name of the operating system contains a “Windows 9”, is to Windows 95 or 98. Because the software in use for many years, has been unable to modify the code for the new system. If Microsoft use “Windows 9”, will lead to a lot of software focus problems left over by history.

according to the analysis, based on this reason, Microsoft decided to skip “Windows 9”, named “Windows” 10.

at the above briefing, Microsoft only provides a new system has the function of enterprise and introduction part of the preview, next year will continue to develop, the system will be officially released late next year, the first 10 computers pre-loaded with Windows, is expected to go on sale at the end of next year.

source: tencent technology

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