This goods is called “wonderful work” to win the favor of business affairs personage of wireless charger

cloud network hunting on November 5 (text/WeiQing editor/water Yan)

wireless charging due to its “koala” characteristic, can save a lot of desktop intertwining lines, bring more convenience, has been the tech world attention, also has been happy to see, use and popularization of technology. Smartphone a battery is not durable, prepared a charging treasure, the vast majority of people would hate to go out, also the prince hunting cloud network editor mobile phone no electricity, need to carry a “tail” to add a piece of mobile power supply, all kinds of wire winding frame also is drunk.

recently, wireless charging and mobile power supply, if is not so much. All foreign famous raise KickStarter launched a wireless mobile power supply, called QiPack Chinese translation for “exotic”, it is also the world’s most thin wireless mobile power supply.

hunting cloud network editor you have got the samples, after using it in more detail, let below small make up take you tasting it.

Related configuration:

QiPack, detailed size 132.2 x65x8. 9 mm, weight is 123 g, a built-in 3.7 V 3000 mah lithium polymer batteries | 11.1 Wh, using freescale master and communication chip of ti (magnetic flux signal feedback loop control chip, also belong to the communication chip. Prone to similar misunderstanding before here).

in this speech, 3000 mah battery seems not too enough, but for out for emergency use, are acceptable. But then know about the function of the product in detail, found the main function is to put on a computer or power adapter, act as a wireless charger. Provide convenience for business people answer the call, it is said that people at the time of charging plug interface easy to say the wrong thing.

from the perspective of technical principle, now all of the wireless charging technology is the application of electromagnetic induction of various varieties. To test the product is the Qi standard, Qi adopted at present the most mainstream technology of electromagnetic induction, the working principle of the use of the principle of induction cooker, when the current through the coil, will produce a magnetic field; And the magnetic field and will form the voltage, the voltage will generate an electric current, after a charging current.

the current wireless charging technology is not mature, not only technology development is slow, standard has not unified. There are three kinds of mainstream Wireless charging standards: Power Matters Alliance (PMA), Qi, Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) standard.

Qi is the world’s first promote organization for standardization of Wireless charging technology, the Wireless charging alliance (Wireless Power Consortium, referred to as the WPC) launched the “charging” standard, with two big features convenience and versatility. First, different brand products, as long as there is a Qi logo, can use Qi wireless charger. Second, it overcome the technical bottleneck of wireless charging “generality”, in the near future, mobile phones, cameras, computers and other products can use Qi wireless charger, for large-scale application of wireless charging.

appearance evaluation:

appearance, QiPack can be said to be the reference to the design style of the iPhone, small make up the first thought is apple mobile phone. The same black color, in addition to and apple, silver, gold, and red. The shell made of metal and glass, angular, very simple sense. Logo side is aluminum alloy material, the contact phone recharged side is 0.7 mm thick scratch-resistant glass, there is a similar to the symbol of the sun, also can remind the user of this is charging interface.

, as shown in the above three sides have four LED indicator light display power, on the other side is the key to open. As shown in chart 4, equipped with a 5 v/1 a USB output interface, a 5 v/1 a micro – USB input interface.

the fuselage adopted similar to millet 4, MX4 metal diamond cutting process, but is all metal unibody design, like 4 m metal frame using forging technology to make aluminum groove, then the 0.7 mm thick scratch-resistant glass Mosaic, diamond cutting technology on edge of the fuselage, perfect fillet make the entire product looks sleek nature.

if defects, that is, small make up to get the sample, the fuselage side is a small groove width different, diamond cutting also appear, even if it is just a small flaws, but for the pursuit of perfect people, hope that manufacturers can improve this problem.

to view a larger version, please click the image below

trial experience:

in addition to as ordinary mobile charging power supply, of course support Qi standard equipment, such as: Nexus4 and above the new version of mobile phone.

even for that do not support wireless charging equipment, such as the iPhone, QiPack prepare a MicroUSB, IOS interface two versions of the interface receiver. Below small make up take you experience this two kinds of charging ways.

the card similar to the antenna, the tail is general android machine plug, in the following, and note the plug direction well, and then put on clothes to mobile phones and plug into the charging port, that’s fine. In the wonderful work positive, let them two close contact, can charge.

to view a larger version, please click the image below

so want to apple 5 s charge, will use special following, the card is actually the above mentioned fixed in the following 5 s, look from the outside can see the tail, is 5 s special plug, as long as the phone installed, plug in, put on strange flower, can charge.

to view a larger version, please click the image below

price, at the end of this month the raising period deadline without accessories version QiPack only $45 (RMB 280), with the version of the price of the wireless receiver and battery shell respectively $53 (RMB 330) and $58 (RMB 361). QiPack also provide personalized service, similar to that of the apple users can put the names on the shell.

QiPack official, given the current price is trial production machine price, the future need to introduce new equipment to further improve the process cost will be increased, the target market will be further precision to the business crowd, more perfect service.

to put it bluntly, is to be appreciated and will be according to the needs of business users, do a little more pretend bility, to do all kinds of personalized around.


the overall experience, no cable, easy a lot (perhaps psychological effect), were a little less, 3000 mah battery charging with some treasure at thousands of power is large difference. IPhone5s under 20% of the battery is full of time, can only meet the needs of users a day. One day a wireless charging treasure, for a good man?

but actually this shipment is to be inserted every day originally used in computers, power adapter, so 3000 mah is a rational choice. Small capacity can also choose to polymer battery, charging the baolai than hold tens of thousands of ma is more secure.

the official claim charge conversion ratio is 75%, conversion rate 93% lower than conventional wire charge, but with the progress of technology, can solve all these problems should be.

in fact, there is a little episode, when small make up take the wireless charging treasure at the capital airport security checks, be confiscated, and proves the reason is not indicate the battery capacity, small make up to contact the manufacturer for feedback, then the problem should be settled as soon as possible.

when it comes to practical aspects, for business users, enjoy the cool of science and technology is very useful, indeed improve the part of the daily efficiency, can change a life habit. Other did not have…


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