This app lets you know, before which the hotel wi-fi faster

(compile: SHONOR)

if the network is very important to you in life and travel, then slow hotel wi-fi is likely to be a very painful thing. Recently a new browser extensions (applied) to help travelers to avoid bad crowded Internet connection problems. This app can display in advance the quality and speed of the tourist hotel wi-fi information. Is the most important part in today’s popular hotel reservation website is ready to use this feature.

in July this year, the Hotel wi-fi announced the Test according to the speed and quality of wi-fi ranking of the Hotel. Now, its comprehensive information can be extended in the query to the popular travel booking website, apply to the Chrome and Firefox browser, and wireless network information displayed on,, and TripAdvisor.

“wi-fi information module follows the style of each site, so it’s just like native elements of the page, corresponds with the web site,” a press release about the hotel wireless network testing.

“the browser extensions also provides a quick test method in a particular city to compare each hotel wi-fi speed,” the company said. “Only nearly 200 hotels in New York, test for passengers – this is a very powerful tool, provide valuable fast reliable wi-fi.”

according to a survey by, the stability and speed of the network connection for passengers, is the important indexes of the hotel comfort (one).


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