Thin, weight loss is just part of the future goals in health management

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will lose weight. Who all don’t want to bend down and not fat, but who wouldn’t be forced to go on a diet to lose weight. Normal to eat and to drink if you don’t rest assured, it doesn’t matter, try to thin the APP to recommend to your diet every day.

and other classes reduce weight thin applications, users need to fill in when used at the beginning a choice, to find out the cause of the users of obesity. Then guides the user to select gender, age, height, weight, occupation. Finally according to fill in data for the users to customize plan reducing weight. So want to reduce weight of the user on the premise to choose and fill in as far as possible don’t careless. The final weight loss plan is on the basis of complete data generation. Click start diet to lose weight is also the most critical parts: continuous, insist, continue to insist.

and most of the weight loss products community card, playing card different video teaching. More like a thin thin body plan. Set after implemented according to the plan. But the hardest on the persistence of the follow-up, so thin relevant content recommended reducing weight under the personal home page, such as weight loss knowledge, inspiring truth, sports recommended reference for users and offer incentives such as small plate.

scheme on diet to lose weight. So three meals a day will give corresponding thin diet recommendations, each recipe users also can DIY. Almost every weight loss products have food calories query, thin in the application also have built-in query channel food and movement, even movement is the most characteristic of classification, specific to a single motor movements are quantified caloric data for user reference.

thin products belong to neusoft city kang, neusoft city kang is a wholly owned subsidiary of neusoft group, focusing on cloud medical care. Through health equipment, health management center, the city, and realize the remote medical treatment and health solutions business closed loop medical community, thin APP embodies the concept of health management of a product.

neusoft city Kang Jiankang tell hunting cloud network technology co., LTD., head of the Internet, precisely, does thin the intent of the APP is not in order to lose weight, but for health management. How to let people lose some fat to avoid suffering from some diseases are our goal. That is to say, even if you are not a obese patients can also use the thin solution to customize their own health. Cultivate good living habits to be thin is the most important thing.

thin team currently has more than 20 people, mainly focus on product development and operations, data, at present there are 15 million downloads thin, more than 300 active users, 80% of users on 20-30 years old women.


thinCompany: neusoft city Kang Jiankang technology co., LTD.

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