They are not substitute for notebook: they are is one of the best “parity” flat this year

cloud network hunting note : games and application of the large library, solid structure, long battery life, screen resolution, high… All of these can be concentrated in a less than $200 on a tablet. Can lie on the bed to watch video games, also can read books on the trip. This paper comprehensive ten product, in view of the cost-effective parity tablet to do a simple inventory.

when you need a tablet, you have two kinds of schemes of choose and buy. First, buy expensive. The device or the Galaxy Note is right choice, they can replace the computer or be used to carry. If you want to buy this kind of tablet, usually the price in more than $400.

but not everyone is proceed with tablets are working to replace a laptop. They hope to find a better way to lie on the bed watching video; Or when cooking convenient check formula; Play angry birds and more convenient urban car; Or read during the journey. These things any tablet can do it, you don’t have to pay such a high cost of these.

“cheap tablet” market operation range is very wide, from $40 in wal-mart fake tablets, to high-end equipment such as the Nexus 7. They all have one thing in common: no more than $200.

because the range is so wide, so when you go to buy a cheap tablet, you need to make wise decision. You want to make sure it can contain everything you need to apply and game; To firm structure, as secure as possible; To have a really good battery life, could not; tone-setting The most important of all, to have a good screen, the screen is the key.

a few years ago, you can’t imagine to make all these things are focused on a device, cost less than $200 in total. But now wishes come true. In fact, in many ways for affordable tablet assessment wildest thing is to find how many of them are essence. As the saying goes, a dwarf in general.

title: the ASUS MEMO PAD 7 (ME572C)

score: 8.2

price: $179.99

asus Memo Pad is a very high-end tablets. It has the advantage of a full range of: Android 4.4 system, new Intel processors, light and strong body. The fuselage is black, look more angular, a bit like old nokia mobile phone the company. Asus, referred to as “the inspiration comes from the hand caught”, refers to the plate on the back of the small fold. In other ways, it’s just a tablet. Memo Pad is equipped with a built-in storage has 16 g and 32 g two tablets (many parity 8 g armed only with even less). In addition, there are amazing front and rear camera.

the most striking is the screen on the Memo Pad. “Parity” tablet, the screen clearly better: pixel image, dark, layering, it feels like you are looking at the world through a dirty window. The Memo Pad7 have a 1920 x 1200 resolution display, is basically meet the requirements of a piece of tablets. At the same time it has good perspective, beautiful and accurate color, and at least have some outdoor visibility. You can also spend some money, in a better screen. And it is equipped with two stereo speaker is very good, is better than any of the price of any tablet, so I lay in bed watching movies the most like to use this tablet.

however, Memo Pad and in many ways is also a cheap low-end equipment. Such as it was a huge black borders, far more than its actual need. Asus will also be some ugly and with the application of integrated into the Android, but in fact also nothing important meaning.


these are the minor matter, but the company is on a Memo Pad 7 to do a thing. The battery lasted a few days, performance is very good, it is running the latest software and all sorts of applications, and showed a good quality of plate should be displayed. A 7-inch tablet is never replace your laptop, and also don’t want to have this kind of Memo Pad. It should do something you wouldn’t use a laptop to do, and do very well.

note! Due to asus bad product naming, there may be a lot of MemoPad 7. You want a model should be ME572C.

runner-up: AMAZON FIRE HDX 7

score: 8.0

price: $179.00

for a particular user, or what we say media followers, amazon Kindle Fire model of HDX 7 is the default choice. The so-called media followers are those who have interest in appreciation, reading, listening, and purchase, anyone can buy media can try to. Amazon has its own ecosystem, from films to music to amazon has its own TV content library. In that its content is totally unique, no one company can comparable tablet. If you have a senior member of the amazon, and pay the service fee $99/year, you will get a lot of free content. I use HDX just pay in order to be able to download movies to kill time on a plane, I can’t imagine in my flight with how much the boring without it.

as well as its amazon tablet is equipped with excellent configuration. Similar to the MemoPad 7, it also has a 7 inches, 1920 x 1200 screen resolution, the minimum storage space for 16 gb, a high-speed processor, strong battery life; As well as the relatively light, thin and strong body. This is a rare piece of good tablet, you will be happy to use it, at the same time also isn’t worried about he will from falling off your legs.

in addition to the content of the amazon HDX can do is very limited. He has no built-in Google Play, you also can’t install all the features you might want to install the game and the application. And if this is the amazon to establish their own system, you cannot use the latest and greatest Android functionality. Amazon’s Fire OS also are still a little chaotic and confusing. Although is not terrible, as well as Android. If you just want to look at books and movies and Netflix, which you can find here. But I’m willing to bet that, when the person next to you to play their own Android game, you will also want to play.

other winner


score: 9.0

price: $229.99

Google Nexus 7 and Memo Pad is very similar to 7 (they are all made by asustek). The Nexus 7 screen is very big, very good quality, and always can update the software in the first place. Appeared but the tablet has been a year, always feel not as good as the new equipment running speed. In addition, the Nexus 7 already is hard to find, its derivative Memo Pad in paragraph 7 is a good choice.


score: 7.4

price: $99.99

as than the Fire HDX low price of $65 tablet, 7 HD screen resolution is much lower, processor speed is slow, the battery life is short, and a little bit heavier, it adds a rear camera, it is great). HD7 certainly is one of good tablets in this price segment, but a little bit increase budget could buy more tablets.


score: 7.2


it is the most valuable a tablet computer. Although this is not a star product, it can access from the amazon’s vast collection directory, and has better performance than you expected, is a very good choice. Just a thick plastic to make it look like a toy. AMAZON FIRE HD 6 is a good, strong, suitable for family tablet, but it is not you want to curl up in bed to play games.

EVGA prototypes NOTE 7

score: 7.0

price: $164.47

in small tablets, Note 7 can be said to have unique features – with stylus and optimization software. This is designed for the game, also has reliable graphics performance. Although it sounds like a negative, but I also have to say 1280 x 800 screen can’t match and function. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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