There are letters qr code: based on WeChat public account, qr code “speak”

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9 this year launched a product have a qr code letter, is a WeChat third-party applications platform, business is produced by access to their own WeChat public number can store audio, video, images of “U disk qr code”, by scanning merchants and consumers can WeChat read qr code storage capacity to the public, is a cable WeChat users and offline entity O2O bond products.

why can have such ideas? Xie Yang from netease, the first is to help a friend hand letter (gift) company to do some technical support on the qr code. Xie Yang find a few people brainstorming, all hands to achieve such a letter with the same qr code, the user can scan return to different content, but the micro letter provided interfaces do not support this model. Found this market gap, start doing, in your spare time probably spent a few weeks, made a demo, letter in my friend’s hand above the trial result is good, have the feelings of hand believe this play is novel. So Xie Yang decided out of netease, and the team entrepreneurship have qr code letter.

there are letters qr code can give to the products of emotions and vitality. Users don’t need to download and install the App, direct use of merchants micro letter public accounts, his voice video recording in the products of qr code, others scanning can hear and see its content, illustrated convey feelings. Have trusted U disk qr code, can be stored for up to 120 seconds, can also video store 60 seconds, 30 graphic, qr code storage does not limit the number of words and geographic location. Founder Xie Yang convective cloud network, “the businessman of qr code number directly through the public the content of the deposit, can accumulate fans and users, accurate conversion to online and offline users convenient and subsequent to the secondary marketing, there are letters qr code can be as simple as a B2B project start.”

in the market, there are two stickers and many letters with nature. However, stickers and many letters need consumers purchased stickers from the agent, and download the app. As is known to all, download the app directly but high chance to lead consumers to lazy disease attack deprecation of the important factors; The form of sticker is not flexible. By comparison, has a letter on the basis of the optimization and innovation, a letter is positioned as users do not need to download and install the App, make businesses with their own public production “U disk qr code”, consumers through merchant’s WeChat public, content storage, through WeChat virtually connect enterprises and precise consumers. So, for businesses, increase added value for its products, increase the precision of consumers WeChat fans, let the traditional product increase user stickiness; For consumers, no additional download and install any apps, direct use of micro letter write and read the contents of the qr code inside the public, fun, fun.

there are letters of user groups can be extended to the flowers, gift industry, post CARDS, stickers, notebooks, tourist attractions, QingLv, coffee shop, and so on different areas, there are letters qr code application are small, but the product concept contains huge business opportunities. Online for a month, in the absence of market promotion, has won hundreds of the dealer registration, has obtained the good market response, at the same time have a letter in May this year got millions of angel investment, in 2 b business letter or have to dig deeper into value.

believed the basis function of free, advanced features to collect fees, is now completely B2B model. Now, it seems, has believed in product form is single, businesses need to use products have certain barriers, need to the certification service, introduced some resistance, precise positioning goal is very important, have the letter also felt in according to the market feedback product development direction in the future. Believed the focus of the current work is constantly improve the product structure and market promotion, improve the user’s perception of have faith and experience, according to Xie Yang, letter may try to C2C business in the future.

Faith qr code

time: in September 2014,


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