Theory of entrepreneurial talent: in 2 million, make up for the 2 billion, how to do it?

cloud network hunting note: lei jun recently in an interview when it comes to entrepreneurship is one of the hardest to find talent, talent is the root of the enterprise competition. Entrepreneurial talent that the cow force, you gave him 2 million can bring 2 million return, how to discover, organization, and motivate such generalship, is every entrepreneur should think proposition. This paper extracts from consulting and king, chairman of Wang Mingfu speech at the annual meeting and jun 2014 partners, about this thesis, there are a lot of dry goods, hunting cloud network share entrepreneurs, for all readers.

the following are the Wang Mingfu speech content, cloud network has cut:

some fund companies to take the initiative to break the original based on business value chain division of labor and process system, implementation of divisional system, encourage employees free combination form team, set up a division, a department can copy a fund, the fund raising and investment, and cooked in a spoonful of production and sales, in their own way of each team, ensemble, demonstrated capable will dry up, can’t allow them to die. This kind of game is what? is a division of labor and process efficiency, complete liberation talents, to the talent to platform and opportunity, let people do, allow the release of the original order of division of labor and process system . Industry more nature, more ambitious talents, is willing to move to companies such as elbow, chasing the dream. This is based on talent deconstruction and reconstruction. This play is successful, the industry competition equilibrium and talent distribution, will be broken, you race again. Originally wins by system of fund company, probably is subject to the system of laboring, run lost. And drop system, wolves, Wolf alone together, in the heart of the new race will win out, punch Lao shifu killed.

angels X, to the 1 million investment C gentleman of entrepreneurial projects, C company went bankrupt, lost money. C your startup to do the second project, also called X gentleman to angel investment of 1 million, but the first item 1 million, loss of light and convert into shares in the second project, so X jun for the second project is invested 2 million to fold into shares. C jun second venture project was very successful, New York listing this year. X into 2 million shares, now worth 2 billion yuan. This is the case, accident, but create a new style of angel investment: lock the entrepreneurial talent, investment of TA lifelong entrepreneurship, until TA entrepreneurial success. Failure of the investment in history, are converted into the final successful projects. angel investment? From investment projects to throw a person. Used to be for a startup project, the future is for the entrepreneurial talent .

appears on the market at present such talent investment fund, a target of a listed company key talent, let them whole system out of business, get rid of its original owner, the stove. Fund investment to them, give them to equity, talents, experience, product, know – how, technology, customer relationship and business models are panning out, quickly replicate a company can be listed. This kind of game is what? Is this naked crossover loot? The loot is too hard, stand up to such a young loot? Rob first, and then of cause, you die, I live. If you don’t talk about regardless of moral, this kind of style, too pragmatic. buy people, not buy stocks .

the investment is on the rise. BAT director level or more entrepreneurial talent, regardless of whether these people’s hands have a mature project, investors are willing to give money directly. A group via A dedicated team for upstream and downstream enterprises, investment in the form of equity cooperation talents, build “A company”. B group, hosted the first in China for high-end talent elite competition “must”, through the selection has the ability to realize the fast development of the enterprise personnel, then this talent to investment in the enterprise, along with funds guarantee safety and investment profit. investment decision basis, from the “thing” to “people” .

made the “house of CARDS” Netflix that HR should be the most important work is all go find , a good talent top 2-3 individuals even top 10 people use. Netflix is the most important is to find talent, promoted the culture of “freedom and responsibility”, let you to do, to the people to freedom, but also require you to take responsibility, can bear. This culture has been generally accepted in silicon valley.

many companies feel that the original industry or practice have not bottom go to, there is no future, must be innovation and transformation. This is not the development issues, is the life and death, the situation is very serious. How innovation and transformation? Rich, have a innovation incubation fund, money in the account, no problem; Building, park, are all ready, set up a small valley, also no problem. But the rich, floor, silicon valley, people? Lack is an innovative and entrepreneurial talent! These people cannot continuously to tenacity, long, what’s the use of money and building and park? Do you make of “silicon valley” is not the hollow? Look, the issue of life and death became the problem of innovation and transformation, innovation and transformation of the problem into the problem of talent . Can’t in talent to kung fu, who don’t also want to realize the innovation and rebirth, no matter how brilliant, can only watched their old, fall, just like that.

room, a lot of the mobile Internet mode, rob the traditional real estate intermediary cake. Tencent, general manager of shenzhen r&d center to participate in the room, vice President of vanke also jumped to a lot of room. Room, many people live, the traditional real estate intermediary companies have to die, the death of the greater the more miserable, the entire industry has to be reversed. Mobile Internet era, winner-take-all, rob is not one of two companies, but also the whole industry. Come up to a real tough rob talents, as long as he looks on an industry, as a result of the whole industry were robbed, alleged subversive.

vanke President YuLiang clearly put forward, the practice of it, hire professional managers, already can not gathering talents, must make business partnership. Vanke 2014 hr line assembly, YuLiang upgrade new concept: talent is the only capital of vanke, one and only. Ren zhengfei, emphasized the importance of talent in his language: “resources will be depleted, culture is the only thing that will be endless. Everything was created by human intelligence of industrial products. huawei can not dependent of the natural resources, only in the mind of people dig big oil field, forest, coal mine… “. It is said that haier is also broken, streamline integration of the industrial organization, encourage internal entrepreneurship, amebic organization. A private information technology company, in some units for grade nine partner, let nine level talents become business partners, who owned shares, attract talent, assets under management in group has reached the level of 800 billion yuan.

this sort of business phenomenon, happen every day. String together, can see “this matters”. I have a lot of enlightenment and thinking:
First of all, these are The Times of looting. Internet technology provides a technical means of implementation, rob the capital provided to loot “burn money”, prick silk counter attack become peoples cheering anecdotes, pirate spirit become a powerful, winning business style. All walks of life are rise up the looters, subversion, the business world, the world chaos, the original place is under threat, the original building structure is hit. Gone with business, everything is in rapid change and relatively stable strategy and organization, not to respond in a timely manner, only a person, can according to the front of guns and fighting, instant judgment and quick response. Whether offensive or defensive, talent again became the first rely on and hope. big fight for all the competition into the talent wars .

second, originally tried to set up the organization structure and process of system, need to deconstruct even off, otherwise difficult to adapt to the current talents competition, market change . This for a long time for us by the management of education, is a challenge, even subversion.

third, vanke YuLiang shout out a sentence “professional manager is dead, business partner era was born”. My feeling is: streamline type and control group was dead, platform and ecological organization was born. Process heavy, orderly, step-by-step, is losing its rapid response ability. Wild growth, flexible, and let it go independent talent in our company, could win, win by a mile. In the field of intellectual labor, this trend has been to see very understand, such as the Internet start-up investment field of information technology, IT industry, investment Banks, lawyers, accountants, designers, etc., according to the concept of business partners, platform and ecological organization, you cannot make a big company, almost made IT big in the history of the company have been hard to hold. Even the vanke, home textile, traditional industries such as haier company, also realized that no business partner system is hard to go forward again.

4, capital and talent: whoever light weight? capital chasing the talent, service for talents. From the investment enterprises, investment projects, invest in stocks, to investment in talent. And the capital, where are you running? Chasing the talent .

5, the organization and personnel: whoever light weight? talent is more important than organization, the organization adapt to the needs of talents, rather than talents to adapt to the needs of the organization . Logic is originally from harvard moved the classic management: strategy, organization, human resources, strategic decision organization, organization following strategy, human resource adapter. Now, it seems, need to establish a new management logic: talent move, organization with talent, organizational adaptation talent, strategy and organization turn around talents.

6, about human resource management, need to move to the talent management


    Out or update the “management” concept, is committed to talented person discovery and maximum value and the maximum efficiency of the play. Organizations around the talent.Not limited to the employees, but the scope of the whole society), from pay attention to “all for me” to “use”, open the talents ecosystem (millet fans to participate in product design, a member of the logical thinking, country garden’s overall sales, private school, and your APP micro think-tank, etc.).Based on human resource management in big data: the human resources management software records and accumulation of individual data, on the basis of the data for personalized management staff. Such as Google HR within established multiple data collection platform, to observe the employee’s work habits and behavior, cultivating human resources management measures. The appraisal of staff, salary, welfare and training, all to individualized treatment according to the data.Four, hr assumptions are changing the basis of the subject, from the human resource management to the talent development.

7. about age: I suddenly realized that the so-called “age”, is not a time concept, is the concept of intergenerational. Concept is the crowd. The metabolism of generational shift, create business and upgrade. New generation enterprises from the new generation of people. Can’t seize the new generation of people, don’t expect the old enterprise transformation and renewal.

conclusion: all want to go back to the talent, in the service of talent .

opportunity and platform for talents and where is the future of the organization, capital gains the tenacity, the cause of his .

entrepreneurs in the heart or the office to hang three picture: business landscape, landscape, landscape. If can only choose three, then hang talent version of the picture.

concerned colleagues will note that I am the evolution of management thought has a few years.

I like to talk about strategy before, my main thought and views, my main topic to communicate with customers, mostly about strategy. In strategic analysis and insight, I still have some experience, provides service to many enterprises, to verify the results.

then, I often talk about organization, to partners, and the disciples, to the entrepreneurs, I constantly stressed from doing business to do organization, clearly put forward the route and jun development: excellent reader, qualified professionals, business experts, professional master, group leader, become the top organizational leader is personal development. There is a situation I see very understand: the development of many enterprises, bottleneck in boss finish from the business experts to the change of the role of organization management . Please to jun E – learning center on demand and business school lessons, I speak of “grow up step by step: corporation organization development and construction article 19”. This class, concentrated the I feel about organization and management. And jun, President of many entrepreneurs say they on demand to listen to repeatedly, more listen to more feel, more listen to more have taste, special point.

this year, I often talk about talent. This year I give a few listed companies management advice, power is from “people”, the customer to talk to my strategy, I talk about with him, the customer to talk to my group, I talk about with him. On the people, people move, organization with dynamic strategy to follow, the effect is very good. I began to abandon “strategy to organization, HR management logic, and enable” – HR – organization and strategic direction of the management logic. About Human Resource Management, I also have a new understanding, from the Human Resource Management to Talent Development, from MAB teaching Human resources Management to the Talent Management or Development.


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