The Xbox One year review: is gradually becoming the most favorite game

in the face of the Xbox One a year later, hunting cloud network editor you have to succumb to the excited mood to cry for it: you are big in small trenches, it’s time to buy a game show their willfulness, Xbox One is a best choice!

this is a console published about a year ago, is also the third paragraph of Microsoft released home electronic game. Microsoft also dig up its value, on the one hand, as its initial commitment – fused television and home entertainment, makes people in with his family to get more joy; The Xbox, on the other hand, One is a very good game, because it can satisfy almost any type of player, can be called “library” is the game world.

you really can’t in the Xbox One and PS4 of choice, because they have similar price and performance. But if you are capricious, just want to know the Xbox One upgrade to what degree, then go to buy a home! The Xbox One, the Wii U and updated PS4 are you worth having electronic game machines.

a year ago, my ambitions for Microsoft Xbox One praise or blame. In essence, we should call it “equipment”, rather than the “game”, its purpose is to as a powerful framework to a family together, rule everything in the room. Simply press a button or we out a word, the Xbox One will take you in games, TV shows, movies, sports, or Skype.

when the problem is that the Xbox One too many, they should not have some function, every little mistake or small setbacks like Achilles’ heel of the big BOSS, any One of them the user use the other device instead of the Xbox One “fatal reason”. Xbox One and not as Microsoft think, attaining the state of a revolutionary fusion devices. It’s more like a have a crazy fantasy game, but it is not clear whether they can realize the function as the core of a game should be.

in May last year, six months after the game day and night life, my confidence fell to the bottom of it. I think the Xbox One lost its most basic things. Microsoft’s transformation of consciousness is on Xbox One reflect incisively and vividly. Thanks to the performance of the device body sensor (I now believe that this is their additional tricks before), the operating system looks also is pretty good. I turn off the function of “temporary” picture more multitasking, because it will make the picture slow, and I feel no need this function. As for the game… Game is very strong, but in May that, not many games… !

today, Xbox One launched a year later, it had not reached the promise when it has just been released – change the world! However, as a gaming device, it has made significant progress, especially in the past few months, I reckon its performance is greatly improved. May Xbox if One is in the middle of a change, so the Xbox in November One can claim to be perfect!

classic does not break in surprise: finally is satisfying game

in 2014, most of the time, Microsoft is the Xbox One repositioning for pure gaming devices. Have the thoughts on leadership, this year it’s a pleasure is to see Microsoft how to improve it step by step, slowly but steadily upgrade their operating system, most of which improve is specifically designed to improve the players game experience.

every two months, the Xbox One, there will be an update, in the first issue will give the user a preview program, and let all user registration, the final will be pushed to users through this program will be updated. This method is very suitable for Microsoft, this can be done in their thorough testing updates at the same time to ensure that each user’s gaming experience.

the Xbox One missed when just released a few software functions, such as headphones 5.1 audio output ability, better storage management and in the interrupt the game free to adjust the volume, but these have been added. Update in October, in particular, several of which updates are popular among players.

in October the update makes it easier to transition between multitasking, access to the built-in DVR or Achievement monitoring without access to help. It also thoroughly support DLNA (support at last!) , so that they can make your Xbox One as the mature streaming media. Support DLNA, of course, is not a new feature, but be included in the update in October is a good news!

the Xbox One added a not brilliant but it was very thoughtful features: sleep function. It can be your ongoing game suspension and to sleep, it means that when you pause the game and leave after a period of time, come back or you pause in front of the screen, and don’t need to load! Although it is not the Xbox One marquee features, but hunt cloud network editor jun has been deeply in love with this feature.

in order to show their determination to “game the first”, Microsoft on this year’s E3 expo has launched many adapted to game the system. In the players concerned about most is the improvement of all, this fall, Microsoft price again, this will drop to $349. This price can only continue to holiday, but the standard price of $399 has been the issue price of $499 is a big price cut space (taller than PS4 offering price of $100).

classic novel in do not break: game let its distinctive

it is not difficult to see that I am the Xbox One from disappointed to love, it really happened recently: I’m racing game Forza Horizon 2 and Music game Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved to switch back and forth, I spent a lot of time on the Xbox One, I saw many libraries through the game I want to play the game, cause I am always thinking about what I want to play game tonight!

this year for The Xbox One game is quite splendid, especially during The second half of this year, The Xbox One has unexpectedly a cross-platform game, such as Wolfenstein: The New Order and Middle – earth: Shadow of Mordor, which is The beautiful picture of it can be said to be The representative of a New generation of games. We also found two good action RPG game: one is the diablo 3, another is the Destiny Bungie company of new simulation game, the game of Destiny is maddening top game, over a long period of time, attracted numerous Kotaku employees. In these big games, there are also many small individual games, such as the Child of the Light and Super Time Force.

just recently, Xbox One redo a classic game – the nation 5, the innovative mode of the first person, make GTA experience of images and game are more smoothly. And a surprising terror game called Alien: Isolation, it needs to use the device body feeling let you in the corner watching his head in the game, the following picture is a bloody, because you will see how the aliens are killing you. Theory of game will certainly call of duty, duty: advanced war, is not only close to the best of the generations of duty, games and digital Kevin Spacey. It was not long ago, the Xbox One got the exciting action game Far Cry 4 and perfect fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is eager to become the Xbox One, in the true sense first epic role-playing game. After a series of updates, all of these games can be very well in our current Xbox One perfect operation.

let’s stop here and just think: most of my colleagues and I play them on PS4 or computer, not on the Xbox One, then what will become of this article? Sometimes I just think, if my colleagues and I just the special group of players, not on behalf of all players tend to love. After all, we get a lot of games for free copies of our preference may be first impressions are most lasting. In addition, although is PS4 smaller and performance is good, but these games run on Xbox One is also good, they is SONY’s game, but they are very convenient also into the game on the Xbox.

this year, before the computer game players have been delayed for the Xbox One, the release of the game, including Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3. PC gamers there will always be the biggest game, libraries and coolest flattering picture, however, the Xbox One relatively low prices are not allow to ignore. That is to say, the Xbox One has become a powerful, perfect game experience of the equipment, independent of the other competitors.

this autumn, we have a lot of very good Xbox game, each game can make the Xbox game is different. The aforementioned Forza: Horizon (2 is probably the most interesting racing games I played) and to access the body feeling game Disney Fantasia (maybe I played the game the most interesting device), it can be played in the generation of the Xbox 360, but it is on the Xbox One found their final version. Shooters Sunset Overdrive is a very interesting game, although initially we criticize it a lot, but the game finally brought us a lot of joy. Finally, Halo: The Master devoted to The Collection, almost is The most impressive I have ever met archive game, but should also not now. Although Halos 1-4 has exciting progress every time, but the game is still a mess, and the problem of the missing connection and function. Microsoft promises to give a big patch to solve The problems in The game, but taking into account The Master devoted to The Collection of important function embodies in their squad, I’ll be surprised if they are not impossible to achieve. Even so, they has no immediate delivery. If The Master devoted to The Collection after a patch, it should be The Xbox treasures in One game.

when it comes to the future, the prospect of almost 2015 is bright. There will be a Halo of 5, 2015, this should let players for this series, although we know very little about it. There are other reports, including the Fable Legends, Quantum Break, has and tomb raider, these games will be a temporary monopoly by Microsoft, then PlayStation gamers don’t have the blessing (although lame, but Microsoft really have the advantage). But there are some small but not a boring game will fall next year, for example, Ori and the Blind Forest and Below. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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