The world’s largest operator payment platform to form, covering 5 billion people

a startup Boku is native to the United States, the company can let the user directly through the integration of the mobile phone account balance or the user’s direct payment online merchandise they buy. Recently the company officially announced the acquisition of the German companies Mopay, the latter and Boku is same type company, is also the Boku’s biggest rival. Boku, chief executive of Jon Prideaux said the combined company will become the world’s largest operator billing provider, whether operators or the company’s main users will access the same information system.

so far, we don’t know about the details of the deal.

Prideaux in an interview said: “according to our estimate, Mopay is the second largest operator after we’ll consumption platform, so we this combination is like all the players on the pitch the first and second convened in the same team of feeling, this combination allows us to deal with the larger enterprise business and the ability to expand the scale, at the same time, still can make the operator billing system more distance, no billing through a variety of ways.”

however, Prideaux reluctant to accurately reveal this combination will grow into the scale, but he reminds, the combined company’s business will cover more than 5 billion cell phone users in 80 countries, but will also increase in the income statement on the graph Boku in a “very important rising trend, and can make existing on the trading platform to double the number of users.

at the same time, the company will also set a few large content providers, such as steam, Gameloft, Wargaming, Facebook, Sony, services, such as Electronic Arts company hand in hand. And had to start from now will be their system integration into the company’s products, Boku expect these two seemingly unrelated business will be at the end of 2015 in the unity of the Boku consumer platform.

Mopay, chief executive of the Ingo Lippert recently said in a statement, it is a qiangqiang cooperation, the two companies have a strong development plans, but our customer is best can have a unified service, through the two companies together, forming a market leading mobile payment platform.

this is the second purchase Boku, before that, last year to support the Qubecell expand their in India as well as the general business of Asia and the Middle East.

Qubecell and Mopay both make full use of the Boku very effective risk investment support. Since 2009, the company raised nearly $75 million, these investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Telefonica, and so on. Prideaux said, the company is not need to look for more foreign capital and support.

although by operator billing model consumption has in Europe and the United States and other regions is already in use, but the company is clearly not satisfied with this, to provide such services the company recently focused fire markets in developing countries.

the reason will appear such a phenomenon, that is because in the use of smart phones in the market of these countries have been rendered a blowout. Growth rate is much greater than those countries more saturated and more mature. But the permeability of credit card is very low in these emerging markets, which means that consumers are unlikely to be using a credit card to pay for something online consumption, so the introduction of operator billing mode will be a new idea to solve the problem of online consumer billing.

when everybody discussion to Mopay and Boku combination will go after a kind of route, Prideaux is concerned is how both of them and these markets and perfect coordination. He also revealed that the two companies have business in China, but their partners in China is not the same. Meanwhile, Boku in Singapore and India’s development momentum is very fierce, Mopay acquired in Indonesia and Vietnam have more volume of the two countries. Emerging markets also became the Boku another target competitors’ eyes. The name is called Bango rivals.

operator billing mode of another big trend is to clear what kind of products are they involved.

Prideaux made it clear that virtual goods (via mobile games to buy) is operator billing mode of the main products to buy. This is a kind of trend, by Mopay their own study.

these are also the most small trade in your mobile phone can do, almost all trading activities of both parties only have little profit or demand, therefore, need to promote the development of scale of larger and to consolidate the existing operators the interests of the consumer service operators. Without a single business brought about by the massive profits, at least a lot of polymerization is able to provide a better business operates.

in the future, Boku has been committed to improve the position of “food chain”, and is expanding its operators pricing model into a “digital era”. In other words, more and more digital content in the field of music, for example, Boku has its carrier billing mode is blended in among them, the same as the previously mentioned company. Prideaux said optimistic, digital content of five times the market than before.

for them also want to extend to the current operator billing mode of online shopping can buy anything, not only confined to the virtual items. Boku actually has done a good job in this aspect, and has been in the last week with the British three carriers O2, EE, Vodafone, signed a cooperation agreement, the purpose is to promote the progress of electronic money, not only can use surface on tangible entity goods, at the same time can also support buying tickets, such as consumer behavior. Now, the use of carriers charging mode purchase restrictions on average about $50.

but as things stand, there’s a lot of work to do before mature virtual objects and the application in purchase business, too.

until last month, amazon started the support the first app store operator billing services, as its first test market in Germany, this is the first time after two years amazon announced to open new model.

at the same time, although you can use it to buy virtual items in many markets, such as the Windows Phone Store and Google Play, but obviously there is a very important market.

although has been in the industry have a guess, is that apple’s iPhone and the pricing mode will allow operators to enter the market App Store, the company has not explained the matter to do more or, we only through some gossip to get to know this news, but a source says the process is under way, it’s just a bit slow, the result will one day be made public.

but as Apple, like other mobile phone manufacturers, look at the opening up of China and other developing countries, whether Apple has just been introduced based on the credit card Apple Pay how convenient payment model, Apple in these areas would be to find a way to bypass the disadvantages of credit card penetration rate is not high in these places.


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