The way shi, C2C way to eliminate the mediation segmentation personal second-hand cake

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this year in May to start-up the way shi, is a comprehensive service provider, based on the pattern of O2O eliminated by online mediation integration owners “car” the Internet platform, offline on-site evaluation service, to carry out the offline community car service center, second-hand car trading platform. The way shi disintermediated, is the purpose of directly from the nature to distinguish between vehicles, vehicle use not let the used-car dealer involved, is a C2C platform.

the so-called C2C, namely the Customer to the Customer, is between people and people of e-commerce. Specific to the vehicle platform, is based on a PC, mobile side channels online integration “new car” platform, the Internet according to the customer to buy a car owner needs to its drainage to offline. The entire transaction process, the way of platform options available training, customer direct dialogue with the owners, new car only charge measurements, avoid car mediation, make used car trade market more transparent. Car from the traditional second-hand car trading pattern formation, differentiation competition, segmentation of second-hand car trading market cake.

founder and CEO of li hui, in the first group has served as director of used cars, car plate system integration manager, deputy general manager, also served as a used car appraisal financing project manager. This year, according to many years experience of second-hand car market, consider the way of science and technology development co., LTD., between owners and able to understand customers’ needs, and for used car trade market.

used car market is a typical lemon market. Buyers do not know the value of used cars really, is difficult to distinguish the merits of the second-hand car, only willing to pay a lower price, such as low price will hurt the enthusiasm of the seller. Don’t trust between buyers and sellers, therefore, used car quality information asymmetry, second-hand car trading into the virtuous cycle. At present, the market is a traditional second-hand car trading patterns and used electricity situation, and the way to differentiate competition, designed to break the trust crisis, in the process of the second-hand car trading, in order to solve some problems such as lack of good faith, information opaque.

this is a second-hand Car trading platform, but unique positioning in the “new Car”, because the way shi team aim is “One informs the Car”, namely the transfer number zero vehicle, the registration after the first sale of vehicles. The way (in car platforms won’t appear many times transfer vehicle, there will be no intermediary company vehicles displayed on the platform. When customers find the right vehicle on the platform, can make an appointment to the way the door evaluation service, 208 standardization process evaluation, let alight, bubble water wheel, car accident, secondary spray car, all be evaluating the watchful eye of, nowhere to hide. Accurate assessment comes from the details of vehicle control, the way issue the evaluation report if there is any discrepancy, within 7 days of the road is responsible for the original price to recover by evaluating the vehicle. The way its flagship community car service to auto service center as the carrier, offline take root in the community, to establish a trust, with the owner for a long time for the platform provides plenty of sources.

at the moment, the way shi car platform with 30 line in the sky, because public account before, people begin to notice a hand car special business model, eagerly anticipated by his many users have been hand car platform to launch as soon as possible.

the way shi hand car has success with intention to invest 3 million yuan, the founder, li, said during an interview with hunting cloud network has also come in, there will be a lot of investment funds focus on marketing, accumulating users, form their own brand.

founder Li Huichang said, “in our short life, there is always a thing is worth we spend ten thousand hours to do it, there is always a story worth us use a lifetime of struggle to write, there is always a dream worthy of we use the whole body blood to irrigate.” Li is a man had a dream of reality, li hui convective cloud network said that in the future the way shi will be in the way shi hand car platform and on-site testing on the basis of the development of community-based auto service centers, use five years time, do China’s biggest car service platform, after the car market fragmentation link an orderly integration, let more people to buy high quality used car.

products: the way shi

time: in May 2014,

company: the Beijing road, shi technology development co., LTD.


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