The university entrance exam pie: based on the large data, intelligent fill volunteer college entrance examination

November 19 hunting cloud network (word/flat HongGuang)

the university entrance exam is probably change life is a test of fate, perhaps is the starting point of a person on the road to success, students and parents too much on the college entrance examination the hopes and dreams. Niche in the university entrance exam, in addition to the university entrance exam, just need to have a recessive, namely the college entrance examination application. There are a lot of online and offline education products to help improve performance high three students, in the market is filled with all sorts of pew class, and online video course question bank products; But for the college entrance examination application, do not seem to be too concern, there is no outstanding representative of the product.

launched in April this year the university entrance exam pie focus on niche, college entrance examination is a college entrance examination to college based on large data information and service platform, provide a wide range of university information, popular major, such as information service, can realize intelligent matching colleges and professional. Founder Huang Rongming, previously worked at ali, yahoo and baidu, have rich experience, the big data has business tourism brand, the university entrance exam pie is his second entrepreneurial experience. Breakthrough point, to the university entrance exam Huang Rongming said, “the university entrance exam application for students and parents is a just need, but this niche is a piece of blue ocean, the university entrance exam pie hit the user pain points and market vacancy now.”

for students and parents, application generally has two important factors, namely, colleges and universities and professional. The university entrance exam taking into full consideration the needs of students and parents, platform sets based on two sets of colleges and universities to choose majors and based on the professional colleges reporting system. The current college entrance examination is given priority to with the former, the concrete operation process is: the user input on the site provinces, subject and grades, the university entrance exam will according to the usual data matching for colleges and universities, and the difficulty of the detailed analytical admissions, the prospects for future employment and schools of all kinds of information; Secondly introduced specialty, ability of 360 degree evaluation, intelligent system is on the basis of measurement data match professional, thus forming a resource simulation statement; Finally will dock with the offline consultant for university entrance exam, to adjust voluntary reporting. So, the university entrance exam pie is trying to make the university entrance exam application of online and offline closed loop. Huang Rongming revealed that the current college entrance examination to send all of the services are free of charge.

the university entrance exam pie behind intelligent matching mechanism, is a core algorithm based on big data is recommended. The data collected over the years the various provinces and cities of the college entrance examination admission. Whenever there is a student in the university entrance exam in consultation on volunteer when, of the university entrance exam will be provided by the user into the province ranked matches in the previous data, thus to recommend to enter oneself for an examination the school. There is no denying the fact that the college entrance examination based on large data application, intelligent matching mechanism will certainly there are some error, but the university entrance exam pie biggest value lies in using the Internet to the advantage of big data, the original of the university entrance exam to enter oneself for an examination information more transparent. Compared with the traditional enter oneself for an examination mode, the university entrance exam pie to enter oneself for an examination information more equal, students can learn more about admission information, and school selection decisions according to their wishes.

in June of this year, the university entrance exam pie user data to reach a peak, UV 260000, PV has 3.6 million. The college entrance examination in the aspect of guiding flow, choosing the way of cooperation with colleges and universities, university of Shared background data; Secondly the university entrance exam pie cooperation with almost all the search engines, including baidu, 360, sogou and ali, maximum broaden flow entrance. Because the university entrance exam of periodic demand features, only stay in helping students select a college entrance examination it is not enough. Huang Rongming convective cloud network, “plan launched in June of next year the university entrance exam pie App, further extend to university services, and introducing social function, increase user stickiness, to cultivate the students sustainable use habits.”

in the university entrance exam voucher at present, most of the two main online product is learning and thought of the university entrance exam net and the ministry of education of the university entrance exam sunshine, but the two sites is mainly to provide information about the university entrance exam information, no breakthrough on college consulting services. From this perspective, the university entrance exam pie really hit now users in pain points and vacancy of the market.

the current stage, the university entrance exam pie constantly make big data in the form of artificial proofreading is more comprehensive, and gradually optimize the core algorithm, improve the accuracy of intelligent matching mechanism. The university entrance exam is in the phase of A round of funding, the future on the business model, mainly from the commercial package, custom college propaganda plan, O2O, etc, are introduced to increase the income. Huang Rongming finally said, “the university entrance exam pie route is for the future development of online and offline parallel, PC and mobile end in parallel, the university entrance exam pie’s goal is to become China’s largest service platform of the university entrance exam, became a university in the field of” renren + 58 city “”

the university entrance exam pie

time: April 2014


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