The universal VentureLab incubator of comparable to partners

a new accelerator that can change the traditional model recently released at the same time in Los Angeles and San Francisco. VentureLab is a collection of foundation, business incubator and venture companies as one of the studios. Its main responsibility is to identify in other markets that have the potential to startups and help them to expand the market around the world.

“it is more of the role of a founding partner, rather than a traditional startup accelerator.” VentureLab partner Mike Prasad said.

VentureLab Prasad use of so-called “market crossing method” to help startups start, even setting up a new company to fill in the new market niche. The first step, they will startup of the United States to Europe and southeast Asia. Then, the team will try to transfer the startup to any region and in similar to China, South Korea or any where the product is suitable for the development of new prospects.

a startup company can’t use the conventional way to apply for VentureLab, instead, the new team need to go out looking for multiple market cooperation can be in a new business. Prasad has been looking for a VentureLab calls “bring to enterprise development, intellectual property and the product contribution” entrepreneurial companies. VentureLab on these early startup companies invested about $100000, but investment amount is likely to improve in the future.

a start-up companies in the United States have accepted VentureLab help and is preparing to under the guidance of business incubator team to enter the Philippines market.

AdCoin, based in the United States, by offering virtual currencies make advertising monetization platform, is now in the Philippines have found one of the main (but not yet publicly) telecommunications operator partners. The telecom company will reward by AdCoin watch commercials subscribers – reward is prepaid mobile phone or some other virtual gift bag. “It shows we are doing well – create a revenue stream,” Prasad said. VentureLab members flew to the Philippines to complete the deal. This is some small start-up companies in the United States can never imagine things, let alone trying to finalise.

the other two are moving into the Asian companies are Fanmouth and Fanlive respectively. In fact, the three companies are associated and advertising technology, marketing, this shows that the contact between consumers and brand is not a coincidence. VentureLab is dealing with a group of companies is based on a specific market opportunity of new market — the first kind is “local participation.

at the second, in the future to create a new wave of entrepreneurial firms to deal with health and quantitative data problem itself, and the third class will revolve around the development of e-commerce, Prasad said in an interview, actually there is no clear boundaries between these classifications. “Company corresponds to a specific market opportunity,” rather than a geography area, he added.

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