The tree to open new flowers, automobil can rice?

when ali the all-round B2C and C2C consumer electrical business, B2B market is this far away from the people vision on a second. Focus on IC components of B2B electronic business TongXin city land hkex, B2B open data platform of Marco Polo is tencent in the department of south China city investment, playing years old with alibaba B2B platform hc360 transfer from Hong Kong gem main board market, a series of big events in the release of strong signal: B2B market is facing a second in the spring of rich ore enterprise electric dealer market is grossly undervalued. Hc360 turn main board listing and clearly will stand and subsoil B2B rich ore. The old tree new seize the second spring flowers, after rough automobil, can a meal?

business motherboard, waited for 11 years

automobil is one of the oldest Internet companies in China. Founded in 92, automobil formerly based on B2B business media, print media in the first wave of the Internet started trying to Internet business, under the leading of the reformist CEO Guo Jiang thoroughly realized the transformation of the Internet. Hkex gem automobil arrived in 2003, from 1 yuan more open to several MAO trough and then to the highest peak of 20 multivariate, stock price runs smooth is behind hc360 multiple transformation reaction caused by capital.

the turn main board listed more is capital level of strategy and action. Automobil CEO Guo Jiang said that after entering the mainboard will enhance the company image, increase the stock liquidity, this growth in the future to the company, financial flexibility, business development has many benefits, transfer the mainboard will also get more investors and institutions. In short, this would allow the automobil has the opportunity to raise more funds to provide support for the business bigger and stronger. However, just like ali left Hong Kong to choose New York, automobil turn the board still has a very metaphor: stick to the B2B market but will choose more suited to the new environment.

in the past 22 years, automobil has been sticking to the B2B market, experience successively from based on the business of printing media to information based on Internet yellow pages to the transformation of B2B electricity service, now it has been clear about the several core strategy: vertical deep, trading and horizontal integration and the three interlocking, all need strong financial support. Each point can revitalize automobil lunar New Year, or even a automobil.

three major strategies, to meet the second spring

look back of automobil history, no one can deny it miss a lot of great opportunities. For example, failed to timely and thorough transformation of the Internet by ali B2B, and focused on B2B for C2C, the B2C and payment tools are not cold “miss” electricity consumption of big cake. Historical review rightly or wrongly, automobil road full of frustrations, some people say that it went so slowly, but don’t forget in the face of ali in the subversive, under the wave of the Internet impact it survived, core skills are focused.

1, vertical industry, intensive cultivation

automobil in ali foreign trade B2B extremely strong, choose specializing in domestic trade B2B, at the same time will be MadeInChina foreign trade business and found that the edge of the business, only do the core of the B2B parts and service information, nearly 50 subdivision industry especially industrial sectors. “Can be found in automobil excavator, find the excavator spare parts, but clothing such consumer automobil is unlikely to find, we in the industrial sectors is absolute leader”, automobil CMO Li Tao said.

“I steel net”, “looking for steel net” and “TongXin city” the success of both proved that the vertical B2B promising, B2B market is too big, there are a large number of steel products, IC such strong industry, automobil will beyond 50 industry explore more possibilities, be in the city of TongXin cornerstone investors is the potential value of IC industry B2B. Every industry has its special industry barriers and resources, the enterprise needs to professional information and supporting services, automobil by setting up operations and the operations manager and carry out measures for industry to achieve intensive cultivation. Guo Jiang even think that China does not have a B2B company in vertical industry to explore more successful than automobil.

2, trade finance, development speed

Guo Jiang in response to a portal news about why automobil walking so slowly in the past, said “the jingdong compared to sina, sohu, beauty and ali does not go too fast, why? The nearer the transactions will be faster and more growth, automobil future will put 80% to 90% of their money and energy on the trade and financial business.”

B2B platform shout into the trading link is already old, ali, automobil, looking for steel and Marco Polo were many attempts. On the one hand, enterprises especially small wholesale online transactions demand, on the other hand, B2B platforms have hope not do information media but is closer to the money, but accompanied by risk, fraud and brush single problem is more obvious, linger. Hc360 last year officially released online trading system, establish escrow accounts with Banks, establishing a system of credit and security, at the same time provide order, financial management functions, take the “three years free” subversive play. As listed on the eve of the hc360 first bought a security products and technology company letter, apparently to improve into the exchange to the credibility of security infrastructure.

besides away more money into will form rolling funds, trading commissions, etc can be reference to the success of the model, can also help automobil into Internet banking business, including small loans, guarantees, investment and so on mainstream business, and meet the requirements of enterprise funds shortage or surplus, automobil last year with minsheng bank jointly issued the “people’s livelihood of automobil new e credit” enterprise credit CARDS, future cooperation will be more similar, in view of the particularity of the financial industry, the background of the main board listing and funding would certainly help automobil do Internet financial more confident.

3, horizontal consolidation, giant style

if the enterprise to integrate industry resources, whether it is a horizontal consolidation or vertically integrated different links of the same kind, needs to have a certain size, power and money is the foundation of integration.

on the lateral, automobil has passed the cornerstone investment vertical B2B integration division TongXin city such players, there is still more potential vertical B2B players will be automobil incorporated into the system. The thought is the strongest vertical B2B players, the future will change the way of thinking, to deep the vertical industry one after another at the same time, the acquisition of investment potential matrix vertical B2B players to form industry become the important strategy.

on the longitudinal, buy trillion letter share power automobil supplement the safety at this stage. In pursuit of the whole chain through information, trade, finance, services, and information and so on each link, all can bring a lot of mergers and acquisitions investment demand.

in addition to the investment purchase, hc360 resources integration in the past have been doing things. Automobil is very typical “page” among companies. Automobil do part of the essence is to the mass flow entrance wholesale flow, such as baidu and accurate distribution of automobil corporate customers, automobil earn traffic price, this is Mr. Li called “middle” pages, automobil interpreted as “resource integration”. Actually the past automobil not only integrates the major network traffic entrance, in the railway station, TV station of offline or also have various attempts on the traditional channels, the core is to integrate all kinds of enterprise resources, wholesale retail packaging to enterprise after member. As automobil main board listing, the resources conformity ability will be stronger, automobil will continue to do a good job in the role of integration in the middle.

B2C and C2C mass consumer electrical business nature is to break the barrier of the information, the leather out of the intermediate links, in turn, realize the advantages of low price and good quality, and form a brand new shopping experience. Transparency is one of the core of the B2B. In view of the particularity of each industry, irreplaceability, and many other reasons, offline channel B2B not leather out of the intermediate links, the more need to be geared to the needs of industry enterprise services, solve the enterprise information, credit, capital, transaction and so on many problems existing in the link. Automobil whose life do not go to leather, but stick to B2B, deep tillage, do a good job in service industry, speed up bigger and stronger. Lian Po is old, yet, the answer is obvious.

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