The traditional business by: hay, military forces

in 1966, a 16-year-old boy has difficulty reading drop out of school. With the help of a friend, he founded a predominantly student audience magazine, and then through the magazine advertising for local businesses to make money. It’s all in the local church a dank basement, because he can use to startup money really less poor.

four years later, he began to think about how to enlarge the sales of magazines, he began to ever buy the magazine’s student mail order record. Record sales unexpectedly so smoothly in the following year, he immediately set up the first recording of their own retail stores. After two years, he decides to form his own studio, founded the record company.

he let out his studio local artists, including a call Mike o ‘donnell (Mike Oldfield) field. In this unknown studio, o ‘donnell field created a hit pop song, tubular bells. Soon, the tubular bells became the first record labels was released. Record an immediate sensation of the world, sales of more than 5 million copies.

in the next ten years, the record companies have signed a band the sex pistols, culture club, the Rolling Stones these global phenomenon band in the future, make originally obscure record companies become a hotbed of international star production. This willingness to take risks at the same time, young people continue to develop other industries: first the airline business, then the railway business, and then the intelligent mobile phone and so on. After 50 years of development, the young man had in the basement of entrepreneurship has control of the more than 400 companies.

once that little boy who dropped out because of the difficulty reading, regardless of whether they have enough experience, whether to have enough knowledge, to muster all his strength continuously enterprising boy who is now a billionaire. The little boy is Sir Richard Branson (Sir Richard Branson).

Sir Richard branson is a legendary billionaire, is famous for its independent, hot-air balloon flying over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

in 1999, the British queen Elisabeth conferring the branson for jazz. He from a phone booth in the 1970 s the size of the office from scratch, money than most people go to places of entertainment to enjoy a night night spent less money.

every success in the 80 s through the virgin, now his empire reach in wedding dress, cosmetics, aviation, railways, record, and even condoms more recently entered the mobile phone, electronic consumer products.

The Times his personal wealth estimated at more than 3 billion pounds in 2007.

new Richard , , Sir Richard branson

two weeks ago, I went to a conference room in Moscow in Russia, branson is ten feet in front of I of the seat sit. Although all around us there are more than 100 people, but I think our conversation is pleasant to the nature, just like in their living room. He alternately smiling and laughing. His answer is real sincere no artificial.

, he told me about when he founded virgin airlines. It seems we can see from this experience branson’s recipe for success. Described below is branson himself personally, I will be as much as possible the full record for readers reference:

I’m thirty years old at that time, I have my own business, but no one knew who I was. I was going to the virgin islands, the beloved girl waiting for me there. To my beloved girl, I have to get there in time, I can’t let her wait too long.

at the airport, my flight has been cancelled, the reason is the airport maintenance or other circumstances. This is the final class flights to the virgin islands. In my opinion, the decision of the airport is so absurd regardless of passengers feel. So I decided to rent a private plane take me to the destination, but I don’t have much money to rent a plane alone.

so, I picked up a chalkboard, wrote on the “virgin airlines, $29.” Then walk among the flights were canceled, tell them just $29, can get on the plane to the virgin islands. Finally, I use to sell tickets to raise purse a special plane, all duly arrived on the night of the virgin islands.

he tells the story of the finished just now, I’ll give he took a photograph. After a while, I stand shoulder to shoulder with him (he is about 1 meter 85 high), and thank him for his share the story with us.

the secret of success

after communicate with our team, I saw the branson sitting in the chair and industry experts to discuss the future business development trend. When all of the experts are using popular commercial term when talking about the future trend of the complex, branson said bluntly: “who knows what the future is what kind? Tube him, immediately think of to do!” Then he said, “why can’t we go directly to the exploitation of asteroids resources?”

when I listen to these dialogues, could not help but raised his head around the group of people, I found that among a large group of experts and scholars, looks like the “ignorance” person is the only a billionaire among a group of people. It makes me wonder, “branson and the difference between these people, where?”

after carefully thinking, I think they should be reflected in the following details of the difference between:

“tube he, want to go to is ready.” This is not just what they theoretically. It’s style of branson adage is actually the portrayal of his life. At an early age to drop out of school, and then start a business. Later, his record company and signed the “sex” the gunners at the pop band is considered to be a hot potato. Later, when he because the airlines canceled flights and affect the trip, he find a way to package a private aircraft carrying passengers on the same flight with him in a timely manner to arrive at the destination.

when others are still in the hesitant, branson has one step ahead. He knew when to act decisively, when should decisively made the first step in the decision – even if he wanted to do things in others’ eyes is how unusual.

action immediately

on the other hand, we could not everyone can like branson can think of reckless action is, he is an extreme example. However, we can still learn some truth from his behaviours.

if you want to use a simple maxim to summarizing all the secret of success, that is: “hay, military forces”. And we have always understood “of the paper, many leading” on the contrary, successful people, but not enough because there is no ready for delayed action.

and branson is the real comprehension of the quintessence of “clothe, military forces first” person. The name of the virgin, branson’s business empire, meaning of the English language is a virgin, can be understood as a novice, there is no experience. The name well interpretation of branson’s entrepreneurial experience, when he and his friends set up virgin company, they really is a complete beginner, don’t know anything about entrepreneurship and business.

so far, branson has set up many enterprises, joint ventures and charity, he has tried all sorts of adventures. When he began to do these things he never tried, he completely without any preparation. More realistic to say, if everything has to wait until after he prepared to realize, so he can only accomplish nothing. He never manipulate the plane, he don’t know anything about mechanical principle of the aircraft, but he set up his own airline. His success tells us, the style that you decide your life.

if you are doing a very important thing for you, then obviously you never feel ready, always afraid. Assume a challenging job brings a negative impact is that you keep high tension in at the same time, you will inevitably in helpless and confused.

why do you say you will inevitably fall into to the helpless and confused? Because in the face of challenge, you will surely be doubting yourself, you will feel you are not yet ready, you can’t do the work, and so on. But please believe me, what is your current state of already very perfect. You can make a plan, you can delay the plan, you can constantly improve, but believe me, you only have to do is start now. Whether you want start a business or want to lose weight, to write a book or is obtained through a series of goals, no matter who you are, what you have now, the only thing you have to do is stop hesitating, act now!

we have almost exactly the same as the starting point, we have no money, no resources, no connections, no experience. But the difference is: some people – those who succeed – they put into action without hesitation.

wherever you are, no matter what kind of things you are doing, I sincerely hope you can like branson, dare to dare to do, become a dare to “hay,” many people, rather than a glance left and right of the paper “military forces, first”.


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