The Times produce absurd? Thinking of chongqing “mobile phone” sidewalk

abstract: recently, chongqing foreigner street for a period of nearly 50 meters of the pavement is separated into two parts, one side says do not use mobile phone, on the other side allows the use of mobile phones but own risk. And Washington in the United States has opened the sidewalk. According to the head of the foreigners’ street, in this way, is to remind the “bow” visitors walk to pay attention to safety.

this article was originally published in TechCrunch, writer with calm, objective and unique perspective in this seemingly “reasonable, unexpected” mobile phone the pavement. The development of science and technology should be used as a tool of enhancing people, but now there are let people alone. And related managers is the default this kind of situation, and thinks that provides a good solution. Little imagine, this kind of headache cure head, feet hurt the medical foot approach would only add to the “fear of loneliness – information”.

Chinese planners from mountain city of chongqing is being beset with a problem: a large number of smartphone users increasing with life of the “normal” people in this city. So the city made a sense, unexpected things: to establish a special mobile phone users in the pavement, separated the two groups.

no matter the news is happy is sorrow, we live in a society still exist. Although this approach can avoid conflict, but I have to suspect that this may be the city of “innovation” for the last time. Today, the smart phone addiction people dedicated sidewalks may just spray painted white space division, but people walking on the sidewalk is in such a hurry that they have no time to look up city beauty, even have no time to see where he is to.

but people know innovation is not only stay at the level of spray paint to road, if you break it, you will become the best urban planners. There is no doubt that the purpose to develop a good project, it must be considering a technology, this technology can be simply send notifications to alert users to deviate from the pavement is too far away.

you can imagine, in the future, once all the residents of chongqing people a gold apple watches, when they are walking along the sidewalk, can automatically get tactile feedback. Once perceived is going to hit someone, you will be like a car backup camera beeping sound. Is it can be a disruptive technology to prevent accident.

I never really knew that every second of every day without smartphones “addict”. For me, I might be reading a few news, may play a few minutes to Candy Crush. When a lot of people are walking in the street but why don’t want to leave your smart phone for a few minutes?

people tend to be commonplace, not surprised. We are so obsessed with our virtual world, so that the real world have to provide a special space, in order to prevent we collided with each other?

I would like to, perhaps this is the best evidence to prove the Desiring Notifications Sydrome (eager to implement informed) the existence of this kind of mental illness. Ongoing beep, hum, and screen has let us stop, just don’t was enveloped in a information, we will have severe withdrawal symptoms. I recently learned that people will allow the game to play to send notifications. Please remember, is a “game”! When a lot of people are distracted attention to entertainment, often leads to more social problems.

but seriously, we can’t ignore the notification more than ten minutes. If have something important happens, what should we do? (for example, our favorite game released the latest.) We need to make sure that we are able to obtain valuable data information as soon as possible, we would be happy to wear those who can make us get the message as soon as possible the smart devices, such as glasses or watch.

I don’t think the Internet makes us become more stupid more superficial, but I can be sure is that we do in choosing become superficial. Basically, in the beginning of the design of the smart devices, there is no prevent continuous function of distractions. In the iPhone, for example, it took me about five minutes to from in the notice psychological rid of most of the application, may be slightly easier Android users.

since so easy to change, so only need to explain is that people really need these notifications? For many, a quiet and not disturbing phone is horrible.

even if we don’t have friends no love no relatives, will remember us at least notify algorithm, to slow down our loneliness.

but loneliness is not the only feature that makes today’s smart phone users. After all, you can also be a person at home using smart devices. But in the people realized that should really be afraid of is only a lonely, before the establishment of smartphones special pavements is so ridiculous.

when we start thinking about the real meaning of these sidewalks, we will find it is more of a focus on its importance and social withdrawal, rather than a pedestrian walk efficiency. As in the movie star guided through the red carpet, we don’t pay attention to the foot of the special sidewalk to nothing.

these notifications to give us a feeling of attention, even if this feeling fleeting, but we think we are more important than imagined.

city government to set up mobile phone abroad sidewalk I know I may on the issue of the special pavement then SuoSuo (some might even say to me I will like other people obsessed with smartphone obsession with smartphones special sidewalk). But the most let me angry is that the way of life with science and technology as the driving force to make up our foundation of public policy.

urban planner task not only make the city more efficiency, also let more livable city. For urban scenery ornament, can strengthen the interpersonal interaction. And the best example is the width of the sidewalk. The narrower the sidewalk, the closer the distance between people would be. Slow down, will increase the opportunity to interact. And the pavement is wide, each person’s personal space, the neighborhood or strangers who meet the less chance of it.

due to riding a bicycle can’t stop talking, so special bicycle lanes will be more practical. But now, we’ll offer you a can from disturbance of environment. In this environment, when we are doing some important activities, will not be interrupted. This could make the network more habitable world, but for the local community in our reality will not bring substantial impact.

although with smart devices, we contact more closely, but more lonely emptiness inside. This is a strange collective behavior problem, but it’s not easy to solve it. We need a lot of contact with real friends, and establish real social contact. We need to enjoy public space, more social with people. We need to go for a walk on the street, let you free from the bombardment of temporary notice.

is the world’s most amazing is the initiative of the people. Compared to the past, now we have more power to shape our world. We can choose a more interactive life, can technology as a tool to build up the friendship, looking for new friendships. Otherwise, we every 5 minutes will be notified. We now select only the sidewalk.

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