The text into sound, KNFB Reader to blind people “see” the world with the ear

Jonathan Mosen lost vision from birth, at night, he started playing for the package in the mail file photo, for his son’s school report and the label on the bottle in the fridge. Made according to after a few seconds, he could hear her camera to copy text into audio. From then on, Mosen can not rely on the eyes can “see” things, of course all of this can be attributed to his new applications on the iPhone.

Mosen is a New Zealand company technical assistant adviser, after used the application, he said: “I can’t believe it had so accurate.”

this new application allows those defective eyesight hearing audio copy text. Just launch the application on the first day, is well received, and is known by many as the application of a changed life.

some blind evaluation KNFB Reader: “this is called KNFB Reader application increases the convenience of our daily life to a new level, either to visit a restaurant menu or handout materials in the classroom.”

this app, which costs $99, is the American federation of the blind and the famous scientist and artificial intelligence Google senior employees Ray Kurzweil the work of 40 years. According to the company’s web site, a company based in Belgium K – NFB Reading Technology Inc and Sensotec NV is responsible for the application of Technology research and development.

Kurzweil annual meeting of the American federation of the blind in June to show this app, and predict the app to launch will replace those reading help to blind people.

use new pattern recognition and image processing technology, and equipped with a new smart phone hardware, this app enables users to adjust the direction of the camera, and then playing loud photocopied materials. NFB spokesman Chris Danielsen says: “those who have a refreshable braille display can be photographed copy file photo, then these copy file text content can be displayed on the braille machine.”

some has experienced the application user on Twitter and other social networking sites have made this comment: “this app really can help those who need help vision, let them become independent in later life, without the need for other people to help them read the text.” Another early users of the application of Gordon Luke to tweet now says he can use this application to read Scotland his vote in the referendum campaign card text content.

Kurzweil in an interview, said: “the application in the next few months will launch on the Android system.” At the same time, he is looking for Google Glass developed the app, because Google Glass is a development reality “glasses, and it has the function of the smartphone.

in the early 1970 s, Kurzweil on a plane and a blind man chat, heard him for lack of this text recognition machine on the market. After that, Kurzweil began to research and development of the “reading machines”.

a few years later, Kurzweil suddenly broke into the office is located in Washington, d.c., the American federation of the blind, the surprise told everyone he invented a reading machine. Former employees of the NFB Jim Gashel to remember the scene at that time, he says Kurzweil invention is a great success. Now Jim is Gashel KNFB Reader business development manager.

Kurzweil designed for the first time the reader for a washing machine, and the price of $fifty thousand. Over the past few decades, the technology improved, at present this app on a smartphone can identify and translated into different languages, it can also be in the range of 7.6 meters to scan the text content on the PowerPoint slides. The only pity is that the app is currently only can buy on AppStore, other mobile phone platform to launch the corresponding version yet.

previously, the company in order to apply the combined with Nokia mobile phone with a camera brands, have invested nearly $1000.

in a San Francisco nonprofit Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired (the organization dedicated to help those who need help vision through training to self-reliance, independent life), chief executive of Bryan Bashin speak highly of the KNFB, think the technology vision on those who need help to bring the positive and far-reaching influence.

Bashin said: “The Times when I want to read some text content, my side can’t find the person who can help me. Actually I want to know what’s not very complicated things, are just some very simple things, such as the cup containing decaffeinated coffee?”

“but with this application, I can anytime, anywhere access to the information I need, there is no doubt that this will change my life.”


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