The telecommunications technology change and entrepreneurial opportunities

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crackle of human gradually get rid of the beat signal propagation way, every song on either side of the mountain, evolved to war shows, Mr. Bell was lying with a turn to the voice of the human’s contact information from the letter quickly advance in the field of power frequency, at this point, the contact way of the human like a volcanic eruption is difficult to suppress. In today’s Internet age, the human contact has great mobile, seemingly our current mobile telecommunication industry has very convenient, the way of our future communication will be how to development? Ok, here small make up just to play the “beast” for everyone to discuss.

this hot money rolling in the Internet industry, always there will be a lot of strange noun, confusing. Recent mobile chairman xi guohua in exchange conference of a communications industry, is to show you a new word – “digital deficit”. The “digital deficit” what the hell? Our China mobile’s explanation is: digital deficit is not a lack of big data era Numbers are constantly explosive growth, but found that communication operation can be assigned to the value of rise but not fall to some extent, even mobile telecommunication industry has obvious gradually from high profits to the trend of the development of the low profit or even a small profit.

namely dog day mobile rob money couldn’t keep up with his prodigal in rhythm. digital and reverse effect of the mobile Internet has appeared .


in recent years the voice calls, text messages and other communication APP menacing the OTT rapid application development, communications operators in the traditional communication mode such as voice, short MMS profits falling fast, this leads to the present situation of the traditional telecommunication business survive in times of need. Traditional telecommunication operators or touch the conscience, do their technology, good service the user is king.

mobile trajectories, faster, more data capacity

the story took place in 1983, when the first based on computer simulation technology of vehicle-mounted mobile telephone was born after the rock of solve the problem of mobile communication, with the continuous development of vehicle technology and the evolution of human society, personal mobile has become the development direction of mobile communication, and one of the most critical problem is capacity.

as a result, no one can stop the tide of science and technology in 1994, beating out the second generation of GSM mobile communication technology, it has realized the simulation technology of the digital transformation, the capacity is no longer a bottleneck problem. However, information and communication waves pushed the voice needs to data requirements, broadband has become a stumbling block to a new generation.

as a result, in 2001 the emergence of the third generation mobile communication technology, CDMA greatly enhance the broadband data, but there is a limit to the flow of mass data information. In 2010 after the fourth generation of mobile communication technology LTE both low cost and large data through convenience, became in the field of mobile communications can sell the cow and drink the milk. Now, with the arrival of 2014, 4 g technology greatly to gain people’s attention, was a formal commercial s in 4 g, to choose the td-scdma LTE China mobile greatly prompted the development of the whole of China mobile communication industry chain.

the LTE in 2010 began to spread around the world come to today, the world has 41 TD – LTE network, of which 18 of TD/FDD combined network. Global td-scdma LTE base station number has reached 540000, accounting for 60% of the LTE base station, China mobile has more than 400000 of them. But the demand of people constantly improve, 4 g has not gained popularity, many research institutions and vendors have been discussed 5 g mobile communication technology, it is for these vendors for high ground for the future, but for our use of personal mobile terminal, it doesn’t matter now.

new technique of diversification, rigid revenue, lower the operators have to find new way

according to the relevant institutions and equipment business vision, as a successor, first problem to solve is density.

now already into the era of mobile Internet, mobile traffic unprecedented explosion, this requires the manufacturer must have enough equipment to compatible with the system data, the basis of must expand capacity, otherwise it will be easy to occur when we browse some websites, the phenomenon of the boom system congestion or even collapse. In dealing with equipment access density at the same time, of course, we also want to deal with traffic density. Vendors can not only meet the equipment can use the basic premise, also must make in a large number of devices connected to meet the needs of the user’s flow velocity at the same time.

of course, if you want to achieve the above goal, must have the technical support of the underlying architecture. We can separate the communication technology of wireless part. this aspect of the technology including coding, channel coding and modulation signal demodulation, antenna these four parts. at the beginning of the technology of generation and generation changes, mainly in the above signal encoding, of course, has larger changes in the control channel separation. And on the third generation CDMA modem technology is of great change. Although the technical features of the fourth generation is multicarrier orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), but in essence or demodulation technology innovation.

experts said has not how much money from three aspects of technical change space, antenna technology has become a point of the reform of, so, this is a key point of development of 5 g technology .

due to the different network coverage in reality situation and people’s demand for network, “more flow convergence” became an imagination of future innovation. This idea hope to solve the problem of the fusion of different system network, it is can be realized by carrier polymerization more hybrid networking, 2 g, 3 g, 4 g even WIFI together . People can choose according to their own needs to connect the network, it is not only the customers need, also is extremely beneficial for operators.

this will also save flow to a certain extent, to avoid unnecessary waste, but for operators, believe for infrastructure and technology research and development is more than a big spending. In 5 g at the same time, the arrival of the Internet of things to come, including multifarious, innovative technology products requirements, operators must establish a better platform for service developers and cooperation.

operator by subversion is serious, ecology is bound to expand platform

remember small make up at the beginning of the article mentioned “digital deficit”, this phenomenon in the mobile communication technology continues to develop in the future will be changed? The situation is not very optimistic. We can see that the age of the Internet boom prompted each business into the mobile Internet platform, and want to get rich here.

so, as a traditional voice calls contact and short MMS business in foreign mobile APP “violation” of nature is first. Is it a big fat now by all the plunder, the future of this field can scramble for easing than now? Believe the answer is known to all.

so how the traditional telecommunication operators to reverse this situation?

method has two kinds, the a is by force advantage. Who all hope to own more and more users, when using a SIM card user soared, many a mickle makes a muckle, and how meager profit multiplied by the huge population scale profits are stunning.

there are used to measure the telecom operator business income user ARPU enhances unceasingly. I’m afraid it is difficult to achieve, because already use the stock of user ARPU basically stable, the unused potential incremental user ARPU is generally low, is ultimately ARPU average level is falling.

although the operators in the process of competition by reducing tariffs can absorb users, as the need for profit, but the businessman, he can be reduced to what level? So, technological progress is good for users, but not necessarily conducive to the operators to survive, can’t hit a new mode of operators should be eliminated by the market competition.

operators want to profit, only will open new areas at present already saturated market, from our most advantage on the viscosity of user traffic to find new profit model, constantly enrich their own ecosystem.

market technology to make operators must pay attention to the developer platform, good entrepreneurs

the development of information technology to promote the arrival of the era of big data, and the development of wearable devices directly promoted the prosperity of the Internet of things, operators and holding the data connection interface, this gives the operator has brought new opportunities for development.

although the share of operators may be small, but he is Internet connection entry standard platform, like don’t do mobile phone operators, but it is the largest mobile phone sales platform. And more diversified Internet products, make operator if you want to keep the previous “sales platform” advantage, it must establish hardware incubation platform of cooperation. common entrepreneurs finally also can get a cooperation with big ye of operators.

China unicom was established in car networking company also developed a network application platform. The emergence of the Internet of things will challenge the existing huge market of 140 million vehicles. And as an important means of future competition car networking, tesla pointed out by touch screen module, vehicle parts of the control information may be true in the direction of the on-board interconnection.

China mobile also began as early as several years ago on the Internet of things private network construction of special issue. Through the private network for the construction of the special issue, operator before sending mobile phone card has to do a good job of the data, the SIM card can only be some server (IP or domain name) and the background traffic, private network can be low cost and convenient to realize the control.

as a important characteristic of the era of big data, free competition under market operators can make full use of the Internet and rapid development of challenges and bonuses to constantly improve themselves, searching for new connections.

in order to find these new connections, will be in the complex market environment, the launch platform integration policy, which will gives off a lot of technical resources for entrepreneurs. But domestic entrepreneurs greater risk in the face of such resources, carefully weigh the pros and cons.

this is a real entrepreneur.

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