The tablet won’t die, Android and Windows and a few war low-end market

in history has never seen so much in a short time purchases.

I remember one day before the first generation of the announcement unforgettable tweets, though I have not remember who is the publisher, also can’t find the original. Although only 140 words, the effect is the publisher a week in advance in preparation for the release, as if in addition to the don’t want other tablets.

this is the most typical products as one type of product available, stir effect brought about by the market. The tablet market explosive growth since.

but then the trend of the development of some strange: tablet PC market is saturated. In addition, the updating cycle of tablet is slow.

here is my darling, graph data through the Internet data center. This is I have seen the fastest growth rate case: New Year

can predict that the future tablet market will continue to temper its growth. IDC, in fact, the annual growth rate of the composite effect of prediction is more optimistic, but you’ll notice that the relative to the red line dramatic decline, incremental between null fitting eries seem trivial.

IDC predicts that apple will fall, the turnover in 2018 to restore the market share to 24.5%; Sales of Android tablet in the past few years have jumped, but by 2018, a declining market share will be in the next few years, down from 67.7% this year to 64%.

the tablet based on Windows system, the sales will be increased to three times now, the growth of the market share at least two times.

this final prediction surprised me. In a mature market, for Windows tablet has been tepid, what can let it develop so quickly?

I think the answer be vividly portrayed. Recently, some of Microsoft’s community is in a heated discussion below $100 tablet, though limited in terms of technical specifications, but cost less than $100 and Windows is indeed very attractive.

it is not hard to imagine that Microsoft would like to see this happen: when free for 9 “tablet with Windows operating system under the system, the strategy is realized.

Microsoft Windows provided free of charge for small tablets and smartphones exactly for the sake of what? In order to “buy” market share.

by Microsoft for smartphones, reduce the cost of using the Windows operating system to original equipment manufacturers and offer new incentives to use the mobile platform. Original equipment manufacturers in order to run Android, often need to Microsoft’s pay for each device. Now, they have more free choice, this is a very interesting thing.

Microsoft is how to make this decision? To know that Microsoft to give up that part of the earnings ratio is small. [here mean Microsoft get benefits from tablet PC OEM]

therefore, Microsoft’s move won’t lose a lot, not only can get more market share.

this is Microsoft’s operating in the market, through its partners, has incredibly low price equipment, this mode has a pandemic, Google in push low-cost Android.

according to IDC predicts that apple’s unit sales will go up gradually, Microsoft and Google to fight for market share will be more intense. I think we will see in the real battle of tablet low-end market. More simply: the ownership of the apple in the high-end market on the market will not make concessions, which means that the IDC predictions may occur in the low price of the equipment. So, low-end market is over the territory.

in the next six months, this will be the most interesting, see if low-cost Windows tablets can attract the attention of more consumers than expected. If so, IDC could start to 2018 projections yaw.

now, do you have a lot of cheap choice, should not be worried about Christmas gift again.


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